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  • Technology In The Classroom

    institute could raise enough public funds to open a the first facility. The students mostly study Latin and Greek, by means of reading and writing, using hornbooks. A hornbook was “a printed alphabet sheet tacked or pasted to a wooden bat-shaped board and covered with a thin sheet of translucent horn” (“Read, and Be Wise”). They were often used for reciting the alphabet, as well as scripture readings. Nevertheless, when the students would play, the pattles were often used as bats for fun. Hornbooks were compared to be the first textbook made at that time. They were commonly used in England schools starting from the mid 1400’s, then integrated to the United States in the 1600’s. As time went on American schools starting to invent more and more practical innovations. Such as, the lead pencil, chalkboard, typewriter, and textbook. Today, educational institutes have grown drastically switching out chalkboards to smart boards and replacing typewriters and textbooks to laptops and ipads. Smart Technologies, who are best known for their Smart Board, an interactive whiteboard. There are many benefits of using a Smartboard in classroom. The first, is interactive tool for students to learn more efficiently. They allow students to use the board as tablet, whether taking notes, writing, or even drawing. Secondly, they students will be able to have access to online resources, providing up to date information to broaden their research for any project. Lastly, they are proven to increase…

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  • Smart Board Essay

    It’s Smart to Use Smart Board It’s Monday and your alarm clock has been screaming obnoxiously in your ear for the past 15 minutes. The next thing you hear is your mother yelling up the stairs that it’s “time to get up for school,” as if your alarm clock wasn’t already making that statement obvious. Some children struggle with understanding why school is such an important part of their development. They simply lack the motivation, not only to get up for school, but also in participating in the…

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  • Using Technology In Elementary Schools

    are taking advantage of technology to better teach students. Whether it be using interactive smart boards, laptops, or iPads, schools are coming more in touch with technology. Most children have been exposed to some kind of technology like a tv, cell phone, or computer, by the time that they reach school age, which gives them a head start in school. This provides let them become easier acclimated to going to school because they already know something. Technology use in elementary classrooms…

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  • Paragraph On Life Of An English Teacher

    environment. During this day I took the time to spend a day on the teacher’s side of the desk and see what I can learn from someone in the profession, and might I say I was exceptionally impressed. To start off the first period of Freshman English class, Mrs. Taylor has an inspirational quote up for students to write about. They simply take out a piece of paper known as “Warm Ups”. These are a part of engagement activities for the students. Then there is an Agenda for the day labeled up on…

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  • Room 302 Reflection

    full-time, supplemental or itinerant when receiving support. Collecting data is very key when requesting additional services or changing placements. Having the states submit their data electronically is a great idea (pg. 317). We submit our participation in state and local assessments and the amount of special education support provided on the students IEP. We use an electronic program called, “Sapphire Suite.” At each IEP meeting, the team also discusses and records accommodations in order…

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  • Technology Artifacts In The Classroom Essay

    in creating an intricate learning experience for all students. Incorporating technology daily into the classroom instruction and management assures all children are receiving the best education possible. The first artifact used in the classroom is a Smart Board. The teacher uses a Smart Board during the math and literacy block. Often times, the students are using the Smart Board more than she is. Throughout the whole lesson, she has students coming up to the board continuously. The students are…

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  • The Importance Of Computers In The Classroom

    calculator’s hard drive. There are many technological devices that were specifically made for the classroom. The twenty-first century has brought many interactive teaching devices into the classroom. A leading brand of the interactive classroom would be Smartboard. Smartboard is an attractive white board that can make the teachers lesson come alive. According to Smartboards website there are more than 300,000 teaching actives the teacher can perform. Also this board can lead the way to class…

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  • First Day Of School Short Story

    “Welcome to Pueblo I am your home teacher, if you have any question or need anything let me know. Now follow me I’ll show you where our classroom is. I followed her to the class room but I was kind of there early so no one was in the room yet everyone’s outside playing. I just picked a seat and sat down, and looked around the classroom. There are four computers in the back of the room along with the teachers desk also another book shelf for all the text book. On the right side of the room…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Remedial Math Class

    My one remedial math class is the reason technology is not good in class rooms. I am the type of person that needs to see things for me to understand and comprehend it. This class is all online, with a bunch of different levels in it. The way they teach you isn’t a good way to learn anything. You sit there in a big class room with all different groups. You watch the videos they give you that are online and its up to you to figure out how to do the math. You can’t just watch a video and expect to…

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  • Observation In The Classroom

    The room is colorful in Mrs. Czeck 1st grade class. The 23 students are all sitting on the rug in pretzel positon, facing the front of the room, where the teacher is standing. The students all have white boards in their laps and dry erase markers in their hands. Tracy, the teacher, is animated and talking with warmth and excitement in her voice. She is explaining the directions for the lesson on counting coins. The students eyes are all glued on the teacher as she moves about the room. The…

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