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  • Essay On Smart Grid Technology

    Smart Grid Technologies: Communication Technologies and Standards Smart Grid History As soon as electrical distribution grids came into being the need for metering arose. The initial devices were used for metering consumption, however modern smart grid technology uses two way metering and can switch appliances on or off according to demand and off peak tariffs. Over the last one hundred years many obstacles to smart grid technology have been overcome. The earliest attempt at smart grid was Edison’s 1882 pearl street system that using an electromagnet opened and closed circuits to indicate by different colored bulbs high and low voltage. These different bulbs alerted the operator to control output of the generators to match the load. Consumption…

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  • Smart Gun Technology

    New Smart Gun Technology To Meet Safety Overview A number of people die over stray bullets every day. All this is because the guns are handled by the unauthorized individuals. In addition to stray bullets, most people are killed by terrorists who acquire guns illegally. Gun technology that selects the individual to fire the gun was introduced in 1990s but unfortunately it was not adopted. This is due to rejection by NRA with the aim of selling both the guns with new technology and those without.…

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  • Benefits Of Smart Technology

    My hypothetical engineering company will have an expertise in smart product development. This company is going to be named RoboGainz to represent robots, as in products, gaining intelligence. Also, it represents the founder, me, with my last name being Gaines. Smart technology can be applied to various of things. Due to the emergence of the Internet of Things, smart products are the next big thing and the possibilities are endless.1 Applications of this are self-driving cars, doorknobs locking…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Smart Technology

    Introduction In the modern world, the word “smart” is used everywhere from homes, to the schools, hospitals, market and businesses-to mention but just a few. Generally, people have come to love the word smart and want to be smart or even have smart items with them. Parents would want their children to be smart; people want to buy smart products like the Smartphone. The reality is that, you cannot avoid smart products in the modern world. You will come across smart phones, smart glasses, smart…

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  • Disconnected Life In Connect Era Analysis

    reached 1 million in mere 17 weeks in China, especially after people became accustomed to crazily crowded scenes in apple stores whenever new products are launched. According to an interview in a Beijing apple store (Calum MacLeod, 2015), Zuo, a 50-year-old buyer already with two smart watches, talked about his keenness on the multi-time zone function and health apps of the product. He also mentioned, “Although I’m old, I like to keep up with the trend.” Not only is this trend of IoT driven by…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Smart Machines

    As machines have evolved over the years in intelligence we have become more certain that they will be able excel in everything humans do in life and do it better than human beings. In other words, machines encompass important aspects of life except for one the most important aspect, emotion. This article discusses this important topic concerning smart machines and how people treat the machines without regard of empathy. In a highly viewed website, this interesting written piece describes…

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  • Smart Home Technology Case Study

    In today’s tech-savvy world, expect more than what you think. Because of that, all you need to know about the Smart Home Technology shaping the future of your customers, and what that means for your business. 2.3.1 What is a strategy and its importance? Several management gurus have defined the strategy in different ways. According to the Johnson and Scholes (2008), Strategy as the direction and scope of an organization over the long-term: which achieves advantage for the organization…

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  • The Role Of Smart Huge Technology In Healthcare

    Patient Care Technology Healthcare is a growing and increasingly dynamic field. The complexity of the practice environment and added stress on healthcare workers threatens the ability of those workers to provide high quality, safe, and efficient care. Consequently, this causes nursing dissatisfaction, burnout, and high nursing turnover rates. Contributing to this problem is the decrease in the time the nurse can spend at the bedside. Specific examples include documentation, searching for…

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  • Technology In The Classroom

    Technology in the Classroom Rather than wasting paper on expensive textbooks, would it just be easier to pull out a cell phone or tablet? Today, many school districts, all over the country, have cut back on utilizing these massive and out-of-date books, and instead are introducing more advanced technology into classrooms all over the nation. With a great increase of technology in classrooms, what kind of technological innovations will the world see in the future, and how will they benefit…

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  • The Model Technology Acceptance Model In The Smart Hotel

    In order to know whether the new technology could satisfy customers, the model Technology Acceptance Model is going to be used to find out the reason. TAM was firstly developed by David(1989), which is used to study consumer’s acceptances to the new technology. There are four variables in this model: perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, attitude toward using, and behavioral intention to use. Fig. 2.1 Technology Acceptance Model (David, 1989) According to David(1989), perceived ease of…

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