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  • Summary: The Gastrointestinal Microbiome

    body. However, the gastrointestinal microbiome is one of the most complex and dense populations studied (Todar, 2012). The mammalian gastrointestinal tract is comprised of about four million bacterial genes with more than 95% located in the large intestine (Galland, 2014). The gastrointestinal microbiota varies along the tract at longitudinal levels and horizontal levels due to particular bacteria attaching to the epithelium in the lumen (Todar, 2012). With DNA sequencing and metagenomic studies…

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  • Of Mice And Men: A Short Story

    It was April 4th, and as I looked into the blinding lights over my head, I anxiously waited for the anesthetics to take hold of me. The sooner I’m knocked out, the sooner I’ll wake up, and the sooner I can get out of here. I blinked and realized that the masked men above me had begun to spin in and out of eyesight, so I allowed the drugs to sweep me away as I tried to hold on to the vision of friends, and track meets, and the sweet sixteen soon to come. I vaguely wondered if my sisters had…

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  • Case Study: Atlanta Computer Repair

    business accepts credit cards as form of payment, which differentiates it from other small repair shops that only accept cash or checks. * Service calls are performed on-site, as “house calls”. The customers do not have to disconnect their systems in order for a technician to diagnose the problem * Straight hourly billing of all services performed, maxing at 4 hours. * Atlanta PC Repair already has a small but loyal business customer base. These customers were obtained by word…

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  • Should Minimum Wage Be Paid?

    Small businesses don 't want to raise minimum wage because it is not clear whether it will help or hurt them, so they are against raising minimum wage due to the fact they don 't have a lot of capital to lose. Now large business are much more supportive…

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  • Alberte's Restaurant With A Caribbean Flavor

    cultures around the world. So it allows us to have different options when it comes to food. Many people use resources to start a small business in the United States and the percentage of profitable small business stay open in the restaurant 's industry is fairly low. One of the reasons I 've discovered is because they have a lack of planning and also location. One of the small business I 'm looking into is a restaurant called Alberte 's Restaurant with a Caribbean Flavor. They carefully planned…

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  • Social Media Effects On Small Business

    For small time business owners just getting started, social media can be a perfect means of getting started. As anyone who has built or attempted a small business could tell you, getting started can be incredibly difficult. First off, the owner or co-owners must develop a good or service that they believe is marketable. Then they must accumulate the resources necessary to begin doing business, whether that be an established workspace, supplies necessary for production, willing employees, or…

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  • Negative Effects Of Social Media On Business

    etc. Social Media is a concept that anyone can use, some people use it to connect with family and friends, some use it to connect with customers and consumers, and others use it to promote a movie or product. Social Media is popular for brand new small businesses and big multi-millionaire companies, both are compatible to use social media to promote their business. A new trend that came out is that every business and company has two or more of…

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  • Transformational Leadership In Small Business Essay

    Transformational Leadership and Employee Turnover Intentions in Small Businesses Increasingly, it is becoming evident that the new approach to organizational leadership involving employee commitment to a shared vision—termed transformational leadership (TFL)—is directly linked to enhanced organizational performance (Judge & Piccolo, 2004; Yukl, 2006; Wang, Oh, Courtright & Colbert, 2011). Furthermore, the literature suggests that transformational leaders are able to boost organizational…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Huey P. Long's Speech

    Huey P. Long, the writer and speaker of the “Every Man a King” speech, was the governor of Louisiana from 1928 to 1932 and a United States Senator from 1932 until 1935 when he was unfortunately assassinated a month after announcing his run for the United States 1936 Presidential Election. When Huey Long made his Every Man a King speech on NBC radio waves in 1934 the United States was enduring the biggest financial crisis in its history after the Wall Street crash in 1929 which caused the Great…

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  • The Benefits Of Increasing Minimum Wage

    struggle to pay their employees $15 an hour but it’s the smaller businesses that will have a hard time paying their workers. In an interview, small business owner Elizabeth Gonzalez explains that if the minimum wage, was to rise she would have to cut down her number of employees working for her because she would lose profit if she doesn’t do so (Garcia). If other small businesses, like Gonzalez’s, are forced to fire some of their workers this reduces job opportunities. However, with unemployment…

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