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  • Four Basic Economic Questions For Small Business

    Industries want small business to grow so society can also. What makes the small business attractive to entrepreneurs is the distribution, service, the and production that it can provide. Which help the small investment needed to grow and generate profit back into the company. Depending on the type of business only some special skills are required, skills such as management and financing are required in order for the business to operate. Since the business is small, employees develop personal…

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  • The Key Characteristics Of Sean Gilligan's Entrepreneurial Pursuitss

    The key personality attributes that prompted Sean Gilligan’s entrepreneurial pursuits Photo 2012-12-15 07.16.21 PM The following is an essay written about me by a student at Bradford School of Management, who was tasked with profiling a local entrepreneur as part of his Business course:- “In order to understand why Sean Gilligan became an entrepreneur, there are 3 key elements that revolve around him. His personality or attributes, his background and experience and his skills, including how…

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  • The Importance Of Time Management

    ime Management: Vital For Your Business Growth By SANDRA ESSEX Jan 11, 2012 How are you handling your time Management? Most small business owners and MLM business builders are aware that they need to closely monitor their cashflow, i.e. income and expenditure. Considering that most home business owners suffer from inadequate capital, they sure realize that any failure to plug non-essential expenses will spell doom for their business. But many overlook the vital role that time management can…

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  • Lack Of Market Research

    a full-fledged research department. The lack of research means their products and services also lack that competitive edge. Consultation firms specialising in market research services are the best alternative in this case. The biggest hurdle for small businesses when it comes to hiring market research firms is their…

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  • The Importance Of Small Business

    In today 's economy, it seems like it might be more difficult than ever for a small business to get noticed on a large scale. The omnipresence of global corporations makes it harder and harder for small businesses to get a foothold in the marketplace. And the size of some companies allows them to offer such a wide array of products that some smaller businesses feel overwhelmed and not able to compete. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. The universality of the internet levels the…

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  • Kickstarter: Why Start An Entrepreneur?

    2016 is all about startups, and anyone with at least a bit of entrepreneurial spirit is going to try and start their own business. However, starting a company requires a significant amount of money. In this situation, most people either save or borrow in order to get started. Still, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are so many other ways out there you can finance your startup. With this in mind, here are 10 most creative (and most rewarding) methods. Kickstarter If you have a great…

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  • Argumentative Analysis Of Godaddy

    The jingle sounds like a cute bell type ring, the sound one hears when walking into a small business. It makes the viewers feel as if they are entering a business that is unique in a way but at the same time it is a business that is successful. It makes GoDaddy look like it can add internet websites and in turn it creates a business that is small but successful. The commercial makes it sound like, anyone that wants to own a business can if they just use GoDaddy. It…

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  • Essay On Kentucky Economy

    economy, making up 18.3 percent the states gross domestic product (GPD). According to the business rank, Kentucky fell in the middle on most our metrics. Small businesses in Kentucky are the foundation of our state’s economy. How does socio-economic, geographic, fiscal policy, educational and competitive environment benefit within Kentucky small businesses. Socio-economic defines the quality of life in society. They strengthen values, fuel products, lifestyles of all individuals and service…

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  • Explain Why I Have The Opportunity To Travel To South America

    landscape and culture as rich and dramatic as Peru would be an experience of a life time. I may not be fluent in Spanish or an expert on Marine Biology, but I know that with the right attitude, anyone can contribute to an abroad. As an entrepreneur with a small business that I am currently growing, I am always looking for new perspectives and experiences to help shape my career and ideas. Additionally, the business experience I have can be applied anywhere – business takes place around the world…

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  • Case Study: Interview With A Small Business Owner

    Part One: Introduction My main career interest is being an owner of a small business; therefore, I interviewed Brian, the owner of Danny’s Smokehouse BBQ. Brian is one of my classmates in my Behavioral Organization class, and I learned of his ownership through class discussion. After class, I asked Brian if I could interview him, as a small business owner, for a career interview project, in which, he accepted. We met after class on March 29th in a conference room at TVCC. The interview took 40…

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