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  • Lexovisaurus Research Paper

    green, feeble Lexovisaurus emerged from a shiny, white egg. This Lexovisaurus’ name was Jacob, Jacob started walking towards a wet, lively fern plant. Jacob was obviously hungry after spending weeks in an egg so he immediately started eating. His small brothers came to eat the same fern plant because they were all born in the same nest. Lexovisaurus looked a lot like Stegosaurus but Lexovisaurus had more spikes. While the baby Lexovisaurus were eating, a bulky Megalosaurus named Asher was…

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  • Gluten Essay

    diet is a big fad, and the food industry is making a lot of money off of people wanting to eat gluten free. It is best to eat healthy, and continue eating wheat. To conclude, the gluten fad diet needs to end. Gluten is good for you, only a very small percent of people have a gluten allergy, and it changes your everyday life. The 1% of people who have celiac disease or a wheat allergy are very unfortunate to not be able to have gluten. The 99% of us should be thankful that we can eat gluten…

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  • Speech On Life Is Precious

    Life is Precious Have you ever had a death sentence hanging over your head? On January 8, 2004, I was basically given a death sentence. I was told that if I did not make some drastic health changes, I would probably not live more than seven years. I was morbidly obese and a severe diabetic. I had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, anxiety, and serious depression. I was not living life. I was completely miserable, along with my three children and my husband. On January 29, 2004, I had…

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  • Holocaust Vs Monsanto

    Genetically Modified Holocaust Everyone in the world needs three basic requirements to live-- air, water, and food. Out of the three needs in life, one if more appreciated and outshines the rest.. Food. Food has tv shows and its own network, not to mention there are tons of social media accounts focused entirely on food. Food connects countries and continents, and leave options to explore different cultures through food. Food can also bring together a community through barbeques and banquets.…

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  • The Importance Of Microevolution

    become more widespread, making the drugs less effective. This selective pressure encourages the bacteria to develop a resistance to the old medication, and may even develop into a ‘super bug’. Microevolution is the frequency of allele changes within a small species group with traits that help the organism to survive. It can be applied to this development in the form of evolutionary…

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  • Function Of The Pancreas Roles, And Mal-Functions

    tadpole like. This essay will describe the functions of the pancreas along with the problems caused if the pancreas should start to mal-function. What exactly does the pancreas do for the human body? By design “the pancreas is attached to the small intestine into which the stomach empties food and liquid, already partially digested. It is to this partially…

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  • Bone Development Research Paper

    minerals are minerals your body does not need as much of, however are just as essential. The trace mineral iodine functions in the body for the production of thyroid hormones (Taylor, Green, & Stout, 1997). Like minerals, vitamins are required in small amounts and are needed by the body less often compared to carbohydrates. Vitamins have many different biochemical functions within the body. Vitamins come in two forms; fat soluble and water soluble. Fat soluble vitamins are found in fatty foods…

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  • Abdominal Pain Case Study

    This cavity contains the stomnch, spleen, hver., gall bladder, pancreas, kidneys, small intestine and large intestine. Additionally, some abdominal organs are contained within the pelvis: the bladder, caecum, appendix, sigmoid colon, rectum and tema le reproductive organs. When assessing a patient with abdominal pain, it is essential that the nurse understands abdominal anatomy and knows the position of the abdominal organs, Duringclinical…

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  • Personal Narrative-Mama's House Of Pain

    He watched the woman disappear through the same side door Susan had used upon her arrival. There was another fifty feet or so before Jim reached the same spot across town. When he rushed past the picture window of the building, he completely ignored the worn out sign proclaiming: Mama’s House of Pain. Jim headed directly for the door the woman had stepped through seconds before. He turned the knob to find it unlocked and walked inside without hesitation. Jim followed in his wife’s footsteps…

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  • Arguments In Favor Of Organ Donation

    Hanh U Nguyen Mrs. Lednicky Core English 12 16 December 2016 Organ Donation One of the greatest and earliest gift given from one human to another was an organ. Unknown to many, organ transplants have been recorded before Christ. By 800 B.C Indian doctors had likely begun grafting skin and this is also the start of numerous transplantation that take places later on ( Staff). This wonderful thing has happened since a very long time, but it seems as time goes by and along the rapid…

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