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  • Reflective Essay Of Evaluating My Improvement In The Classroom

    Self-Evaluation Clearly, evaluating is the best way to make a judgment about how much you have learned. However, the evaluation must be by yourself because you can measure your own progress. Therefore, I, an enrolled student in ESL 103-104 courses at Essex County College, will evaluate my progress in this class in terms of my positive aspects, my difficulties, and my achieved growths. First of all, the positive aspects of my experience in this class have been numerous. First of all, I learned valuable lessons. Professor Lumbsden is an educator; thereby, he teaches you English but also makes you reflect about your life. Before I came to this course I did not following directions. Instead, I used to do everything according what I though. My grades have been getting better because I did what the instructions say. Also, my essays and paragraphs made me reflect about many issues such as lacking of discipline or being. Secondly, I achieved certain skills in this class. The first is to work under pressure. Throughout the course, my professor was reducing the time of the quizzes, paragraphs and essays in order to make us fast riders and fast thinkers. Now, I can write an essay only in thirty minutes and before was the sixty. Moreover, working in team was the second skill that I learned. If you work with someone else, you have to know your and your friend strengths and weakness to be a good team. Finally, my major improvements have been my writing skills. Thanks to this class,…

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  • Visual Basic Object Oriented Programming

    Object oriented programming (OOP) is programming is based on objects. Programmers also have to define not only data type of data structure but also the functions that needs to be applied. OOP enables programmers to create modules so that much changes are not needed when new objects are added. Simula is the first OOP language developed in 1960s at the Norwegian Computing Center. Some do consider Smalltalk to be the true object oriented programming environment. Visual Basic is an object-oriented…

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  • What´s Discretionary Access Control?

    OMG (Object Management Group). The OMG is a consortium of hundreds of object retailers whose cause is setting requirements for object technology. The ODMG is the standards setting group for object database technology that is made up of a consortium of object-oriented DBMS vendors. In 1993 the first release of the ODMG became published and known as ODMG-93, via contributors of the Object Database Management Group (ODMG). This became the end result of over a year 's work defining standards for…

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  • Advantages Of Object Oriented Programming

    Advantages of using OOP as compared to using PP. Object oriented programming is the concept where objects that have data files are organized on such a way that procedures and instructions are incorporated into data fields that describe an object and procedures of similar nature which are called methods. These therefore integrate computer programming languages such as JavaScript, Smalltalk, and python, C++, Perl, PHP and Objective-C. Under the object oriented programming, data and codes are given…

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  • The Standards Of Society In Eliza Doolittle's Pygmalion

    dirty” (36). Although Higgins did insult her lack of education and appearance, Eliza had no reason to cry about it. Later on, Eliza slowly begins to change herself, beginning with her manners. When Eliza is to attend Mrs. Higgins’ party, she is told to only say “how do you do” and talk about the weather (75). While meeting with the Eynsford-Hills, Eliza makes sure she has perfect pronunciation and gracefulness when asking them how they were doing. She also goes on to talk about the weather by…

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  • Difference Between Oo And Procedural Programming Language

    create an object, and the class describes the behavior and implementation of those objects. When only one or two objects are needed, it is simple and straightforward to describe the objects directly in the program, instead of describing how to make the class to make objects, and then use it as required. This is the concept used by JavaScript, Self, NewtonScript, and Emerald, that take object, instead of the class, as a fundamental concept. It doesn’t mean that classes are not useful, but that,…

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  • Employment Opportunities In The Workplace

    myself saying “just do it!”, so I did I sent in my job application, and resume. Little did I know that the simple click of a submit button would lead me in such a life-changing adventure. Weeks went by with no phone calls or emails. I began to lose hope and increasingly began to loathe going to work at my current job. It was March 4th that I received a phone call; it was a Thompson Hospital job recruiter asking me if I was interested in an interview in the Medical/Surgical Floor, I graciously…

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  • Narrative Essay On Walmart

    Soon this would all be over, and I could go home where I would never have to look at an angry store clerk again. I survived thus far, with minimal personal damage, and no one had called the manager yet. Little did I know that this was far from finished. I still had to pay for the food and the thought of making smalltalk with the cashier unleashed a fear within me that paled any monster in the closet or spider lurking in my sheets. The thought of that five second social interaction turned my…

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