Reflective Essay Of Evaluating My Improvement In The Classroom

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Clearly, evaluating is the best way to make a judgment about how much you have learned. However, the evaluation must be by yourself because you can measure your own progress. Therefore, I, an enrolled student in ESL 103-104 courses at Essex County College, will evaluate my progress in this class in terms of my positive aspects, my difficulties, and my achieved growths.
First of all, the positive aspects of my experience in this class have been numerous. First of all, I learned valuable lessons. Professor Lumbsden is an educator; thereby, he teaches you English but also makes you reflect about your life. Before I came to this course I did not following directions. Instead, I used to do everything according what I though. My
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In reading, my growths have been a lot since I read sleepers. My vocabulary is not limited anymore. In other words, I can understand more words. I can recognize the introductory paragraph, body paragraph, and concluding paragraph. I can analyze if the author pretend convince, suggest or the types of details that he uses. In writing, I have gained many improvements. I can use transitions pretty well. I can write strong body paragraphs. I can write with clear organization patterns. In communication, I have developed many growths. I learned to follow directions when Professor Lumbsden tells me what to do. I am assertive when I need to express my opinion or any issue. I react and respond quickly. I want to continue growing in my grammar and how I can express myself. While I read, I practice my reading, my communication, and my writing and if I do not get results, I will duplicate the time. All in all, These essay have taught me my positive aspects of my experience in my ESL 103/104 courses, my difficulties, and my growths in reading, writing, and communication. Also, it makes me reflect on my results and how to overcome them. These courses have been helpful and I learned many things. I am happy because I have the necessary to continue growing in many new aspects and I will write as a professional one

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