Advantages Of Object Oriented Programming

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Advantages of using OOP as compared to using PP.
Object oriented programming is the concept where objects that have data files are organized on such a way that procedures and instructions are incorporated into data fields that describe an object and procedures of similar nature which are called methods. These therefore integrate computer programming languages such as JavaScript, Smalltalk, and python, C++, Perl, PHP and Objective-C. Under the object oriented programming, data and codes are given attention which is used to execute instructions. These objects nay therefore take shape in the form of shapes, objects in the form of shopping materials for product selling organisations, or even behaviors that contain the instruction being communicated such as “pay here” but in the form of an object.
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Therefore, the object oriented programming offers an understandable platform unlike in the case of procedural programming where a top down design is used where a problem is identified as a procedure which is systematically broken down into smaller procedures. This procedure is known as functional decomposition which makes it hard for software maintenance as one has to go all along the procedures from one level to another trying to identify and correct errors. This is due to the fact that when a change is made it can easily cascade all along the entire procedure, this makes unwanted changes thereby making it hard to maintain some certain sections of the pyramidal representation of the data flow. Therefore having to readjust those procedures becomes tedious and time consuming as

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