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  • How Does Social Media Affect Small Business

    tools including social media to help to boost their businesses, the influences of social media for businesses have found, especially for small businesses. Recently, large number of enterprises use social media to enhance their businesses because it has many benefits for businesses, especially for small businesses. First…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Young Women's Resource Center

    October 1, 2007 was the second most important day of my young life. It was the day my business officially opened for operations. This day fell a very short second to the date of my daughter and only child’s birth. The business was to be called Love My Curves Ladies Apparel and would offer clothing, accessories and shoes for plus sized women. I designed and sewed by request as well as ordered items from wholesale companies to sell at my retail store location in Des Moines Iowa. I created a…

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  • Poem Analysis: Deception With Words

    Philosophy Bites The podcast of my choice expounds on the topic “Deception with Words” that essentially tends to specifically dwell on the two concepts of “lying” and “deception” as the grand indicators of deception. The two subjects intrinsically gravitate to the construct of deception as a significant aspect of on-on-one engagement that betrays the norms of conversation and ruins the credibility of the “informant” position that parties in the conversation assume. Deception is such a common…

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  • Livingfit Rx: Case Study

    individuals (and sometimes younger) who either realize exercising will help them live longer or have medical issues such as a hip/knee replacement or an illness that can be helped with exercise. To start off, Debi is a hardworking individual, she and her small team have beautifully crafted LivingFit Rx. When Debi first started her journey she wanted to a be a physical therapist, however, she had kids and wanted to devote more time to them than school. At that point, she decided to become a…

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  • Wal-Mart's Impact On Small Businesses

    Daily. The main concerns associated with Wal-Mart focus on the impact that Wal-Mart has on small businesses, such as supermarkets, and other family owned shops. Statistics prove that a single Wal-Mart store opening will eradicate three local jobs for every two that it creates (Bill De Blasio, 2011). This is bad news, because Wal-Mart will statistically give back less than it takes in. This is untrue for small businesses. For every $100 spent in locally owned businesses, $68 stayed in the local…

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  • Compare And Contrast Emporia

    Imagine going from a small town to a larger town, being given the opportunity to experience and see new things. Traveling is one the ways people can experience new things, some move to different towns others just visit. Emporia is a small town in Kansas with a population of roughly 25,000 people while Topeka with a population of roughly 127,000 people nearly quintupled the amount of people in Emporia. Towns are never alike yet one takes notice of similarities and differences such as the scenery,…

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  • Peter Sawchyn

    Firm Overview and Introduction to the Case This case was about a forty-year old small business that faced managerial challenges by expanding. Sawchyn Guitars was founded by Peter Sawchyn in 1970. It was a small private business solely owned and operated by Peter Sawchyn and his wife Kendra Sawchyn. The company deals with two main products: acoustic guitars and mandolins. (Woodwark, Wong, p.2). All the models of guitars and mandolins could be custom ordered, repaired and upgraded per customer’s…

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  • Becoming A Hero

    enough to know everything about everything. There wasn’t anything my father couldn’t do. He taught me how to read, write, walk, and talk. However, when my father was a kid, nobody was there to teach him. He lived with eleven of siblings in only three small rooms. They were very poor. They used to live in a national housing charity. He is a very good athlete; moreover, he used to play for a famous Saudi soccer team when he was a teenager. My father hasn’t seen his dad, therefore, my grandfather…

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  • SWOT Analysis Of Energy Consultants, LLC

    Energy Consultants, LLC is a small startup company specializing in residential energy audits and like any company have some strengths and weaknesses. The company has one employee and started with performing one audit per week which after two weeks increased to around five energy audits a week throughout southeastern Connecticut. Energy Consultants LLC works very hard in doing their job well. They do this by keeping up with the latest trends and technology by attending training seminars and…

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  • Gentrification Sociology

    We haven't really picked up on it and many individuals feel that gentrification is a new movement that sparked less than a decade ago, the reality is that Gentrification has been a part of our society as far back as the as the early 1930’s. Ruth Glass a German-born British sociologist reflected her belief "that the purpose of the sociological research was to influence government policy and bring about social change". She created the term “ Gentrification” to describe the processes by which the…

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