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  • The ABCDE Framework (Resuscitation Council 2005)

    The ABCDE framework (Resuscitation Council 2005) is an acronym that is used for assessment and treatment for critically ill patients. It is a framework that is widely recognised and when used correctly can form the basis for a rapid, yet systematic and therefore thorough initial assessment (Jevon 2010; Page and McKinney 2012). It also assists in determining the seriousness of the condition and helps to prioritise the interventions needed (Page and McKinney 2012; Thim et al. 2012). It is…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At Cesar Batalla School

    The key informant for this interview was Diane Pecora, a paraprofessional at Cesar Batalla School in Bridgeport. Cesar Batalla is an elementary school, grades K-8, and is south of the Hallow. Many of the Hollow resident’s children attend Cesar Batalla School. • Tell me about your role as a paraprofessional at Cesar Batalla School? I have been a paraprofessional for eighteen years for the Bridgeport School system. Prior to working at Cesar Batalla, I worked at Elias Howe School. A…

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  • The Epipens: Life Threatening Allergies

    EpiPens are arguably one of the most important devices for those to carry who suffer from life-threatening allergies. Recent issues of price inflations revolving around the EpiPen have been beginning to surface in the media. This certain inflation has made the public more aware of the pharmaceutical world and the loopholes of pricing. The issue of pricing in the pharmaceutical world is nothing new, but is also not very publicly known. Big name companies have been increasing their prices over the…

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  • Food Allergies Research Paper

    and ways that one can treat his/her allergies. Chemicals Triggering Food Allergies We have all known someone in our life that has a food allergy, or maybe even have one ourselves. Food allergies are very dangerous conditions to deal with, and people should know how to go about them. While reading this paper, one should understand the chemical reaction that goes on in our bodies when having an allergic…

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  • Benefits Of Owning A Dog Essay

    issues on your children because of their fur for instance. However owning a dog can lower the development of allergies on children, it can lower the risk of respiratory problems, it increases physical activity, and owning a dog can teach children about responsibility and care. Many studies have shown that kids growing up in a home where there is a dog, will have a lower risk of allergies and asthma. A researcher named James E. Gern conducted a study in which he examined the blood of new born…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Genetic Modified Organisms

    This simply is false. They are now under a microscope of the public eye because now enough time has elapsed for us to begin to see the long term effects. Understandably one of the main concerns that presents itself is allergies. According to the Centers of Disease Control food allergies in children under eighteen years of age went was at 3.4 between the years 1997 and 1999. This rose to 5.1 between the years of 2009 and 2011.(healthline) This increase is alarming, especially for children who are…

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  • Case Study: Just Mayo

    this should motivate companies to produce beneficial products for its consumers. I believe that we should not need to regulate the labels on food products, except in circumstances where immediate health risks are present, such as in the case of allergies. It is my expectation that most producers will label their products with the ingredients, so as to inform their customers as to what they are purchasing. This natural competition will be beneficial to the consumer, while having fewer…

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  • Genetically Modified Organisms In America

    Have you ever wonder how many items from your grocery shopping list contain genetically modified organism ingredients? According to One Green Planet, “In the United States alone, GMOs make up 70-80% of the food we consume”(Par. 3). From baby food all the way to hamburgers and french fries, GMOs are found everywhere in these food products. They can have a dangerous impact in our health. America is known for having the best dinning and brunch restaurants, but many Americans are not aware of…

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  • Analysis Of A Three-Week Menu For Children

    In designing a three-week menu for a group of children aged from three to five years old there were several factors to be considered. These included whether any of the children had food allergies of any kind, whether there were children form different ethnic backgrounds and whether any of the children were known to be fussy eaters. In this group there is a child who is allergic to egg, some children from Indian and Chinese backgrounds and also some who are perceived as fussy eaters. There have…

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  • Eczema Research Paper

    a person's immune system reacts to substances in the environment that are harmful for most people. Allergy symptoms, fever. may cause Sneezing and Itching of the eyes, nose or ceiling of the mouth ,liquid , stuffy nose ,Watery, red or bulging eyes (conjunctivitis). Rash. For example, eczema. Eczema is associated with a variety of so-called allergic conditions, including asthma, respiratory allergies, and allergic rhinitis. Eczema has a genetic component; children born into families with a…

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