RNA interference

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  • Protein Synthesis: The Two Types Of DNA And RNA

    in creating important structures found in our body such as deoxyribonucleic acid, more commonly referred to as DNA, and ribonucleic acid or RNA. (Erster, Lecture 4 Chapter 5) Ribonucleic acid is then categorized into two types of RNA: mRNA and tRNA (there are other types but the ones mainly discussed in protein synthesis only involved these two). The DNA and RNA are partners that work together to make protein in protein synthesis. DNA is like the instruction manual to making the protein. The…

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  • Dna Purification Research Paper

    DNA purification: To get pure DNA to use, a silica membrane was used to collect the long DNA strands. We started by adding 5 volumes of PB buffer to 1 volume of each PCR reaction. We put column and the silica wafers into tubs and pipetted the DNA samples onto the wafers. We centrifuged the tubes for a minute and disposed of the waste. After that we pipetted 0.75 ml of buffer PE to the samples and spun it for another minute then disposed of the waste. The columns were added to the tubes and spun…

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  • Synthesis Of Codon Essay

    DNA is the element of making an organism. It contains genetic information that can be applied to all kinds of functions required for living. DNA is a sequence of nucleotides which can be transcript to mRNA. When mRNA is formed, it can later on translate to tRNA where codon could be found. Codon is a set of nucleotide in tRNA which is directly related to the formation of amino acid. The combination of codon determines the characteristic of the amino acid. In other words, to make amino acids,…

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  • Benefits Of Gene Delivery And Photothermal Therapy

    Photothermal therapy would support the nano-carriers with the RNA by creating a pathway through the cell to the nucleus. In which the nanomedicine will introduce foreign RNA to modify the genetics while the reactivity of the heat from the P.T therapy would enhance the strength of the nucleotide. There are two methods for this drug delivery. One takes place above 50…

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  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

    sequencing and visualized by gel electrophoresis. It also can be cloned into plasmids. PCR is used in many fields of medicine, molecular biology research, medical diagnostics, and ecology. It is fast and inexpensive technique used to amplify DNA and RNA fragments by 107 times. The polymerase chain reaction was…

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  • Maple Syrup Urine Disease Research Paper

    Fundamentals of Biochemistry in the Biotech Industry Maple Syrup Urine Disease: A Sweet Scented Killer Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD) is a rare, potentially deadly disorder where the body cannot break down the three branched- chained amino acids (BCCA): leucine, isoleucine and valine. These amino acids are used to build proteins and when they are not being used they can be broken down and recycled in the cell. The complex that breaks these amino acids down is called BCKD (branched-chain…

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  • The Double Helix Summary

    The book I read for my Biology book report was, The Double Helix, A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA an autobiography written by James D. Watson. It was released in 1968 and was published by Atheneum Press (US), Weidenfeld & Nicolson (UK) and is 226 pages. As the title suggests, the book is Dr. Watson’s personal account of the groundbreaking discovery of the structure of DNA. Biologists already knew that genes were the material responsible for traits getting passed from…

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  • PMT Genes

    Results Design of the RNAi vector The PMT gene family is well conserved among the Solanales. There are five genes in the PMT gene family (PMT1 to PMT5) which differ in the exon 1 sequence due to the insertion of a variable number of 33 nucleotide repeats. This makes the first exon as an ideal region for the design of gene specific RNAi trigger sequence (Fig 1A). Full-length sequences are available for four PMT genes (PMT1 to PMT4) whereas only the sequence of exon1 is known for PMT5 which…

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  • Gene Regulation Research Paper

    GENE REGULATION: Gene regulation is the method of limiting the genes in the cell’s DNA, which are expressed. It is utilize to form a functional manufacture for an example protein. Various cells in a multi cellular organism might express very difficult group of genes. Although, they consist the similar DNA. Human having over ten thousands of genes in their genome. Cells are expressed the all genes. Even an organism as simple as bacterium must carefully regulate gene expression. Ensuring that the…

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  • Nidulans

    Aspergillus nidulans: One of the lesser known pathogen of the aspergilli group, A. nidulans is a model filamentous fungus widely used for studying eukaryotic cell biology (Galagan et al., 2005). A. nidulans possesses a phospholipid-hydrolyzing novel cPLA2 protein, PlaA, which shows maximum similarity to mammalian-type cPLA2 proteins (α, β, γ) (Hong et al., 2005). Like the three isoforms of human cPLA2 proteins, A. nidulans PlaA also consists of two separate catalytic domainsA and B, and…

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