RNA interference

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  • Polymerase Chain Reaction Lab Report

    Suppose we have a certain segment of a DNA molecule ,a gene for example that we want to amplify ,that is make many identical copies of that gene of interest, one way is to basically take that gene to integrate it into a bacterial plasmid to place that recombinant plasmid into a bacterial cell and to allow that bacterial cell to divide many times and eventually make many copies of that gene of interest. The problem with this particular method is that it is not only time consuming and not only is…

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  • CRISPR: Changing The World In The Future

    First, I would like to say that the topic I chose is very interesting and in fact I really like this topic. Before choosing my topic I had rough idea about what CRISPR was and how it was being used in recent times to engineer everything around us by small steps. Before my research findings I had an idea what CRISPR was such as how it was being used around the world on modifying genes, and engineering new species by deleting or replacing the genes that were unwanted by that organism. What I knew…

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  • Neurodegenerative Disease Essay

    Antisense RNA molecules that target Htt mRNA have been known to impair the translation of the gene sequence into the protein in vitro. However, the process of designing an siRNA which would target the mutant CAG repeat does inevitably result in degradation of normal…

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  • Similarities Between Watson And Crick

    Nobel Prize winners James Watson and Francis Crick unraveled the mystery of molecular biology. James Watson and Francis Crick have significantly improved the world with their discovery of the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid, commonly known as DNA. The prodigious work they accomplished in their lives has had a profound impact on modern science. James Watson and Francis Crick deserve to be honored among the list of 100 influential Americans put out by The Atlantic publication. James Watson and…

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  • Intragenic Recombination Essay

    Recombination and mutation are the motivation of evolution. Recombination is critical for repairing DNA lesions and for chromosomal pairing, and exchange during meiosis (Krejci et al. 2012). Recombination does not occur uniformly on the chromosomes of eukaryotes. Meiotic recombination in well studied yeast revealed that non-uniformity of recombination was observed when the frame of reference is an entire chromosome, multigene region and a pair of genes or a small region upstream of a gene…

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  • Similarities Between Dna And Macroevolution

    Deoxyribonucleic acid is known as the molecule of inheritance where its structure dictates its function in storing the genetic information of the organism (Rafael, 2010). This molecule contains genes which encode proteins needed for the complex biochemical metabolic reactions which occur within the organism (Rafael, 2010). The DNA molecule consists of 2 complementary strands in a helical structure where each strand serves as an informational template for the offspring during duplication (Rafael,…

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  • Transposable Elements: Jumping Genes

    Saibhuvaneswari RA1611014010048 JUMPING GENES Transposable elements (TEs), also known as "jumping genes" or transposons, are sequences of DNA that move (or jump) from one location in the genome to another. A transposable element (TE or transposon) is a DNA sequence that can change its position within a genome, sometimes creating or reversing mutations and altering the cell's genetic identity and genome size. Transposition often results in duplication of the TE. The transposable elements make…

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  • Proteins: Large, Complex Macromolecules In Organisms

    The ribosome reads information along the mRNA and brings the amino acid together with help from transfer RNA. Transfer RNA has a cloverleaf shape with base-paired arms and an attached anticodon sequence. At the bottom of the tRNA there is an anticodon that pairs with a codon on mRNA. A codon is a sequence of three nucleotides. Codons are read, in order, by tRNA,…

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  • Protein Molecules Essay

    replication of itself mRNA transcribes DNA, tRNA translates mRNA into proteins. A pattern on nucleotide on a DNA strand is called a gene. The Central Dogma of molecular biology is: DNA codes for RNA which codes. for proteins Not all genes are expressed for the production of proteins, some have other tasks like making RNA. Some proteins are structural. Some proteins are made of hundreds or thousands of amino…

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  • Proteomic Organization Of Co-Mmad And I-Smads Case Study

    Figure 2. The proteomic organization of three subfamilies of Smads (Co-Smad, R-Smad and I-Smad) and organization of a Smad MH1 domain with DNA. (A) All Smads information taken from PDB entry Smad>UniProt Gene list of Smads. The conserved N-terminal MH1 domain is in red, linker region in dark blue and the C-terminal MH2 domain in deep yellow. In the linker region the red PXS/TP (or S/TP) indicates the potential phosphorylation site for MAPKs ERK1/2, and the square indicates the PY…

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