RNA interference

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  • Pancreatic Adenosquamous Carcinoma Case Study

    pancreatic adenocarcinoma[1, 2]. A major hindrance towards development of therapies against pancreatic ASC is that the molecular mechanisms underlying its pathogenesis remain poorly characterized. In this proposal I will take advantage of the expertise on RNA biochemistry and molecular biology that I have acquired during my doctoral training and combine it with the in vivo approaches developed by the Ventura lab to investigate the potential role of non-sense mediated decay and of the UPF1 gene…

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  • Comparing James Watson And Francis Crick

    1. James Watson and Francis Crick were credited for discovering the double helix structure of DNA molecule. James Watson is known to have received his degrees at the University of Chicago and his PHD at the University of India. He then met Francis Crick at the University of Cambridge where he later worked after receiving his PHD. Francis Crick during the World War II was some biophysics who held develop radar and magnetic mines then after the war he then began the structure of DNA research with…

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  • The Double Helix DNA Theory

    1. Francis Crick Crick discovered the relative distances of the repetitive elements in the DNA molecule, and the dimensions of the monoclinic unit cell which indicated that the molecule was in two matching parts, running in opposite directions. He also, in collaboration with Watson discovered the material that our genes are made of and put forward the model of the double helix DNA structure which included the measurements of the angels formed by different chemical bonds. Crick in collaboration…

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  • Central Dogma Of Molecular Biology

    ‘’DNA makes the RNA and RNA makes the protein.’’All biological cells with few exceptions in some follow this rule. This flow takes place through three fundamental processes: replication, transcription and translation. Central Dogma theory was modified when it was found that in some cases RNA carry the genetic information for DNA. The dogma is basically the transfer of sequenced information between information carrying biopolymers. There are three main classes of such biopolymers: DNA, RNA and…

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  • Electrophoresis Research Paper

    Electrophoresis Kendra Gibson November 17, 2015 A scientist drops DNA samples in small indentations at the end of a Jell-O-like gel. He turns on an electrical current at the other side of the gel. His anticipation grows as he watches the samples slowly move from one side to the other. He pulls out a ruler and makes some measurements. He steps back in surprise, for he had just identified the most feared serial killer in the world! He did this by using Gel Electrophoresis. Electrophoresis (the…

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  • Genetic Inheritance Chapter 2-1

    3-2-1 Assignment- Genetic Inheritance 3 Main Points: 1. The cell contains three important things. Those three things are the nucleus, mitochondria, and the ribosomes. The nucleus consists of DNA and RNA molecules which contain hereditary information that has a jurisdiction of the cell’s purpose. The mitochondria contains mtDNA distinctive influence in human developmental research. Lastly, the ribosomes are the basic necessity to the process of protein synthesis. 2. Meiosis is a process where…

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  • Woolly Mammoth Essay

    Scientists have relied on fossilized bones to find out about ancient species. They take lots of information from these bones and find out things including their ear shape, length of their fur, and what they last ate before they died. The genes that are collected are used to show how that certain animal or species lived/survived. Proteins which are found in the cells help perform processes and drive the cells. The work done by these scientists have helped the world to better understand…

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  • Lujo Virus Essay

    a. Introduction Lujo Hemorrhagic Fever is caused by a bi-segmented negative RNA virus that is one of several viruses known to cause viral hemorrhagic fever. The Lujo virus is part of the Arenaviridae family, which consist of several viruses categorized into two groups. The Lujo virus is categorized in the “Old World” group, which signifies that the virus in question was found in the Eastern Hemisphere, specifically the continent of Africa. The majority of the arenaviruses categorized in the…

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  • Assignment 3: CS696 Programming Problems In Bioinformatics

    Introduction: DNA, RNA and Proteins, these are three types of very large molecules essential for every living organism, for their biological functioning. Each molecule, DNA, RNA and Protein, play a vital role in living organisms, without them no life could survive. Let’s understand functionality one by one: • DNA consists of encoded instructions which are necessary to maintain, assemble and reproduce. • Proteins play important role in movement, photosynthesis, vision etc. • RNA is used to make…

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  • DNA Isolation

    This is accomplished by adding salt and ethanol to a solution containing DNA or RNA. In the presence of salt (in particular, monovalent cations such as sodium ions (Na+)), ethanol efficiently precipitates nucleic acids. The purified precipitate can be collected by centrifugation, and then suspended in a volume of choice. PROTOCOL:…

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