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  • Personal Narrative: Family Vacation In The United States

    Seeing my dad behind bars for something he did not commit was surreal. What was going to be a family vacation in Mexico turned into a nightmare. The smoke coming out the cars blocked the view as we tried to figure out who was in the other car. When opening the car doors, blood dripped everywhere. My heart sunk. The difference between the sweat running through me had no exact justification, was it because of the immense heat or was I that hysterical. Sirens could be heard throughout the whole…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Development Of Cultural Identity

    at the population now it is 76% white, 17% Latin and 3% black. Even if my small town wasn’t that well diverse I was brought up to care and respect everyone. My family taught me to treat everyone the small poor or rich, black or white. In my teen years my parents got divorce and my dad took my brother, sister, and me to Brandon, Florida. This was different from where I was from. Houses where very closer. There were more of a diversity here. It was strange to see more blacks at first because I…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Am Baseball

    my dad yell at the T.V screen. When he wasn 't watching baseball, we were at every practice, every game, every tournament. Being the coach 's daughter meant that I was there with my dad through everything baseball- the teeth clenching, heart beating out of your chest games; the jumping up and down screaming wins, and the silent, still losses. Baseball is my dad 's everything- he grew up playing, and has coached full or part time for nearly 20 years. When I was eight years old, I asked my dad why…

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  • Abandonment In Willy Loman's Death Of A Salesman

    Death of a Salesman’s, Willy Loman had a life full of abandonment since he was young. Renounced by his dad during his childhood, he sought attention that he did not receive and it became clear that he suffered mentally and emotionally. Willy’s abandonment began at a young age when his dad, made an endeavor to Africa. Willy has been deserted commonly by his loved ones throughout his life. As his apprehension of relinquishment develops further, so does the grip of control that he tries to keep up…

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  • Does Marriage Make A Couple Healthier?

    responsibility. In certain cultures, the women in the marriage would be more responsible because most of the women have to care of the house while taking care of the children. Overall marriages have a positive effect on couples when it comes to making them rich, healthy, and lastly having it traditional would be a way of a better bond. Marriage is something that has to be a commitment and not as a one time thing. As an individual I believe marriage is good for us because it helps individuals…

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  • Personal Narrative: Slugger The Sea Dog

    was terrified of him. Then my dad told me the truth; the whole truth. The day is still vivid in my mind. My mom was planning to take a friend and I to a Sea Dogs game. I was excited about going but in the back on my head, my fear of Slugger was still lingering. My dad saw my distress and sat down next to me and told me the truth about Slugger, that Slugger was really just “A man dressed up in a suit.” This was a shock enough to…

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  • What Have I Learned Without Anyone Telling Me Analysis

    told, but by watching my father’s actions I learned that family should always be first. My dad always worked from 6am to 7pm. On Sundays he would not do anything unless it involved my mom or us kids. For an example my dad would always have…

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  • Sophan Chevone Chea Research Paper

    In America, it is easy for to forget our culture and roots as we are so accustomed to American traditions. It is important to know where you came from because not only would you understand your family better, but you would understand yourself better. Both my mother and my father were born in Cambodia, a country located in Southeast Asia, to Chinese-Cambodian parents. Both of their families immigrated to America in order to have a better life not only for them, but for their children 's future.…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career In Mechanical Engineering

    The first career I wanted was to be a furniture designer. (When I was 8 I built a very ugly stool out of some scrap wood my dad let me use.) Then, when I was like 10, I wanted to be an architect. Then I wanted to be a doctor. Then I became an engineer. As a kid, I knew what an architect did. I didn’t know what an engineer did. The dad in The Brady Bunch was an architect. (The dad in Leave it to Beaver was an Engineer, but I didn’t know that at the time.) My high school French teacher was one of…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The American Dream

    On the flipside, circumstances has made it harder to be successful, for example you will either be: A. into huge debt or B. well-off in the end. In the 20 's, the outstretched goal would be to be rich and famous. That once outstretched goal for ourselves has dwindled down to just wanting to be financially stable, nothing more. Essentially the American order of operations is as followed: graduate high school, go to college, meet your mate, start…

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