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  • Recycling Water Case Study

    Basic background information on water reuse in Florida Reclaiming Waste Water in Florida As recently as the mid 1960s, secondary treatment and surface water discharges were considered the norm for Florida's wastewater treatment plants. As the population doubled between 1950 and 1960, and…

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  • What´s Single Password Authentication?

    matter how much they are disdained, nothing beats the password in terms of usability and ease of implementation. It also attacks many of the rules of password management and demonstrate how they are not effective. It actually does advocate password reuse (a rare occurrence) but limits the advice. It only states that passwords should not be reused for “important” accounts but other than that it is ok. The advice is good, but not substantial enough. Still, it is a great article showing that a…

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  • Bottoms Up Olive Heffernan Analysis

    potable reuse. The San Diego Public Utilities Department also recommends this procedure but suggested an extra step. Known as direct potable reuse, this method would intensify the purification process and skip the reservoir, sending it straight to the tap. No one knows which technique will be implemented, but, Heffernan explains that whichever process does succeed will persuade California regulators in the…

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  • Allergic Reaction Of Peanut Butter Cookies

    The allergic reaction happened because the staff decided to reuse the parchment paper for all the cookies they baked. Even though the cookies were baked fully each time does not mean the peanut cooks away. The peanut butter cookie leaves behind an oil/ crumbs from the cookie, each time a new cookie dough was put on the sheet that the peanut butter cookies where it baked into that cookie. Meaning that now all the cookies are contaminated and should be thrown away. There are multiple ways…

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  • Waste Diary Assignment

    Overall, I feel that waste diary assignment was a great way to look at the items we throw away daily. It has opened my eyes to many of my good and bad waste practices and how they depend on my location. Few of the common things that I threw away were paper towels, paper plates, water bottles at one point, and the packaging for my frozen meals. When addressing the paper products, I feel that I did not like more often difficult to being at my apartment where I did not have a dishwasher as I have…

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  • Analysis Of Qos Analysis Of 4G And 3G

    Spectral efficiency (SE) is a key factor in the design of cellular communication system as it quantifies how well the limited frequency spectrum resource is utilized. The efficient use of spectrum is analyzed in terms of coverage area, capacity and reuse distance. OFDMA is a very potential multiple access technique, which will be the key technique for the next generation of wireless communications (4G). In this paper the QoS parameters of OFDMA i.e. spectral efficiency [Erlangs/MHz/m2], system…

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  • Adam Minter's Junyard Planet Summary

    those who have made it big in the scrap trade as well as revealed the grime that comes with trading trash. Ultimately, the extensive exploration into the scrap industry sheds light on the lesser known global recycling industry and redefines “reduce, reuse, recycle” with a deeper meaning. Most Americans throw away their recyclables into their blue and green bins, not giving any second thought about where they go. I, admittedly, was a mindless recycler until I read Junkyard Planet. The impact that…

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  • Impact Of Technology On The Environment

    eco-friendly technology like solar panels, it will help the environment and be economically cheaper. Since there is a problem with global warming and people are trying to find a way to prevent global warming to continue. Solar panels allow us to reuse resources like the sun to conduct electricity instead of wasting carbon dioxide or coal. In the article, Benefits of Renewable Energy Use, the author states: “Human activity is overloading our atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other global…

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  • How Has Our Atmosphere Changed Over Time Essay

    There are simple things you can easily do to reduce global warming: 1. Rely more on renewable sources of energy instead of non-renewable ones, e.g. solar energy, hydroelectricity, wind energy, geothermal . 2. Try to recycle, reuse, and reduce more often: recycle your waste, reuse materials you have at home, and reduce the amount of waste you produce every day. 3. Using eco-friendlier transportation, like a metro or a tram . Also, try walking instead of using the car all the time . 4. Plant more…

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  • Process Based Estimation Essay

    LOC and FP estimation are distinct estimation techniques. Yet both have a number of characteristics in common. The project planner begins with a bounded statement of software scope and from this statement attempts to decompose software into problem functions that can each be estimated individually. LOC or FP is then estimated for each function. Alternatively, the planner may choose another component for sizing such as classes or objects, changes, or business Baseline productivity metrics (e.g.,…

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