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  • Rf Design Studio Essay

    ways that how the company managing their works when they start their first step for the new business. There is another point from the sustainable business and development system is environmental friendly. There is one of the way keep on reduce, reuse and recycle the furniture that we throw away. Instead of keep on produce new material and produce new product that are not eco-friendly. Nowadays global warming issue is getting much more serious it is a good ways to consider produce some…

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  • Air Pollution: The Human Health Effects Of Air Pollution

    There is an invisible enemy exists nowadays who becomes much stronger in the recent years and ruins people’s health and lives gradually. This powerful invisible killer is called “Air Pollution”. Let’s close our eyes and take a deep breathe. How is the feeling of the air? Is it still fresh and feeling relaxed nowadays, or it turns into something uncomfortable with awful smelling? Most of the people think the quality of the air become stale. As an increase of countries processing industrialization…

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  • Paragraph On Technology And Technology

    keeps using the same energy to recreate different materials that are beneficial to everyday life. By reducing what we buy that isn’t necessary to live, then it helps lower production rates and increase natural resources’ production rate. Then we can reuse the energy from objects already created to make something just as good or even better. Then we recycle that created object and then the cycle keeps on going. Utilizing different reused materials as a part of an assembling process can…

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  • Solar Energy Dependence

    What is the planet friendly solution to our dependence on fossil fuel? Our solution to the dependence on fossil fuel is solar energy. Solar energy is the primary source of power for humans to use thousands of years and appears every day for free. Indians used the sun to dry hides, herbs, and meats for storage. Prior to the invention of the clothes dryer, people used a line pulled tight between two poles or structures to hang clothes on for the sun to dry. In more recent times, people use…

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  • Environmental Leader

    The words "environmental leader" can have many definitions for a different variety of people. Let break down the word environmental leader. The definition of environmental is relating to the natural world and the impact of human activity on its condition. And the definition of leadership is the person who leads or commands a group, an organization, or country. So to put these words together the overall definition of being an environmental leader is someone who starts with wanting to develop the…

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  • Environmental Sustainability Research Paper

    Maintaining biodiversity and environmental sustainability is one of the most important actions towards reducing our environmental impacts on our world. Consequently, there are a majority of different ways to live a far more sustainable lifestyle. Our everyday choices should have a focus on reducing our environmental footprint to ensure we are preserving all ecosystems. After taking this course I have come up with a list of ways to live more sustainably, which I will be discussing below. In…

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  • Examples Of Sustainability In American Culture

    There are many things people can do to help the environment. Like reduce, recycle and reuse; however, the most important could be reduce. Reduce means stop buying thing that people do not need. When reduce is done there is no recycling or reuse to do in the first place. By August of this year, people are in debt with the planet earth because people already consume what the earth suppose to produce in one year. There…

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  • Waste Management In Modern Society

    Athens citizens discarded waste in the streets until legislators banned the practice in 320 B.C., enacting the first recorded waste disposal law. Organized waste collection emerged in the late 1800’s, with metropolises such as such as Boston, New York, Philadelphia and London discarding collected raw debris in the nearest body of water. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the United States produces over 254 million tons annually. Today, municipal services reduce the…

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  • The Benefits Of Go Green

    warming, go green is the best way to stop the damaging, and it is simple and easy for each individual to exercise in their daily life. The proposal will provide the problem of the Global Warming, various methods and the benefits of going green – reduce, reuse, recycle. Statement…

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  • Ecotel Hotel Case Study

    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It is my pleasure to thank all those who helped me and made my project work a success. I would like to thank my parents who made this research possible and for extending their moral support and patience. I like to thank the Principal of our Institution, Prof. Parvardhavardhani Gopalakrishnan as well as the Project coordinator, Prof. Y.G. Tharakan, for all the patience and guidance provided to me throughout the dissertation period. I take this opportunity in expressing the…

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