Waste Diary Assignment

Overall, I feel that waste diary assignment was a great way to look at the items we throw away daily. It has opened my eyes to many of my good and bad waste practices and how they depend on my location. Few of the common things that I threw away were paper towels, paper plates, water bottles at one point, and the packaging for my frozen meals. When addressing the paper products, I feel that I did not like more often difficult to being at my apartment where I did not have a dishwasher as I have at home. Therefore, I was too lazy to wash my dishes let alone buy them for my apartment, especially since I do not eat much when I am at school (two meals a day maximum). Furthermore, I felt that cleanliness also played a factor because my apartment was very dirty, so it keeping things packaged and untouched to eliminate the possibility of a …show more content…
I feel that this relates to the topic of market. I felt that while the advertisements missed what led me in cause on my waste reduction. Drinking water has become dangerously polluted with industrial wastes, detergents, etc. (p.193 Waste Makers), which has made water bottle makers be able to market this concept. For example, water bottles are advertised as pure and clean. However, this is a lie as we found out that that’s always been what about companies need to do is get the water from any aquifer, which allows them to deem the water as spring (clean) water. Another issue is pollution they are doing while in our landfills since only 11 percent of plastic bottles ("Satin 's resin”) were recycled in 2002, and probably much worse now. (Garbage Land). For these reasons, I should completely stop using water bottles altogether and get a reusable water bottle with a filter. However, is hard to break a habit of many years and I have seen some improvement from keeping a waste

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