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  • Public Relations Profession Paper

    The Public Relations firm that I work for has been approached by a group of citizens who are concerned about the Lake Anna nuclear power plant. These citizens believe that during the recent earthquake and hurricane, this power plant may have been damaged, putting the community at risk for widespread fallout and risk of life in the event of a terrorist attack. They would like our firm to represent them in helping to shut down the power plant. On one hand, security is lax at this power plant, but…

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  • Essay On Street-Level Bureaucracy

    The resources that street-level bureaucrats have to work are very inadequate. Yet, the demand from the public, or clients, is always increasing. As a result, street-level bureaucrats are constraints to the resources. Street-level bureaucrats also have broad discretion and that’s because of the constraints they are force upon. The resources that they have to work with also make the goals of street-level bureaucrats ambiguous and conflicting. Yet, street-level bureaucrats try to do their best,…

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  • Reflective Essay: A Career In Higher Education

    answers and considered them all. Eventually, I released that the reason I 'm in college is to learn the skills that the career has. After looking through the list of majors one last time I decided to major in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. I might not have the all skills that people think of when they…

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  • Rave Culture And Social Culture

    such a moral panic and why it was (and still is) thought to be so closely linked with drug use, especially the intake of Ecstasy. Techno music (House) and MDMA would both have survived without each other, but their marriage was mutually beneficial; together they gave birth to rave culture. Rave culture started in the 1980’s, with the development of acid house, dance music and clubbing. Although this sub culture has always been seen in a negative way it transformed club culture by turning it into…

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  • A Doll's House Opening Scene Analysis

    Henrik Ibsen’s ‘A Doll’s House’ went into production in December 1879 and was a triumph in Scandinavia and Germany. It did not garner the same praise in Europe as the London productions (1889) were criticised, the subject matter was interpreted as offensive and the representation of women was viewed as harmful (Worrall). This final interaction between Nora and Torvald is crucial as it is the powerful denouement. The analysis of this scene will encompass discussions of the elements of…

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  • Jane Addam's Influence On American Women

    conditions for the working poor and consolidated their numbers into very poor district in major cities (TWE 375). In Chicago, where the Hull House was located, four out of every five people were foreign born. The turn of the century found a great improvement in the roles women were able to play in the public sector. Many American women were living more active, public, individual and expressive lives than previous generations, “These women were prepared to make a major contribution to solving…

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  • White House Reconstruction

    white house reconstruction was also called the truman reconstruction they started doing the interior of the house in 1949-1952. There were plans of tearing down the hole white house and building it the same way as it was before. Theodore roosevelt put in a tennis court at the white house on the near south side wing of the white house. president obama plays basketball a lot at the white house. Basketball is obama's favorite sport. The tennis court has changed 3 times since 1984.The white house…

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  • Jane Addams's The Subjective Necessity For Social Settlements

    Twenty Years at Hull-House, Jane Addams described her mission for the Hull-House in Chicago to offer a center for educational learning and to improve the city 's conditions. The Hull-House was successful in achieving her mission by offering classes to gain domestic and educational skills and opened opportunities for young women. Although, the lack of immediate response to social problems by the government and the ethnic divide between the neighborhood and the residents of the house limited its…

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  • A Doll's House Norm

    and the final say on decisions, while the women generally follow along without providing much input--primarily because their husbands discourage their input. This was perceived as the “norm” preceding 1879, the year Ibsen wrote the play, A Doll’s house. Ibsen introduces the play inside the well-furnished living room of the Helmer household. Nora, the wife of Torvald Helmer, was not raised by her father as an equal which explains why she acts the way she does. She hardly spends any time with her…

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  • Political Issues In Saudi Arabia

    From its creation, America has been a beacon of hope and freedom to many countries who have aspired to adopt their democratic values. Yet, these values have not always been sought after by other countries, and instead are sometimes imposed upon the ones who rarely accept them with open arms. The Middle East is a seamless example of countries exhibiting resistance to the American way of life and democracy; with many leaders rebelling against the notion due to religious reason. Particularly, Saudi…

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