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  • Difference Between Journalism And Public Relations Industry

    both the public relations and the journalism industries as both industries work with the same outlets whether it is print, television, etc. Defining and differentiating between the two is also a challenge for industry professionals, associations, professors and students just entering the industry. This comparative and contrasting essay will look at the public relations sector and the journalism sector and distinguish between the two industries with the key differences that separate public…

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  • Communication Strategies For Image Restoration

    Financial information, especially strategic financial information, may be as important and valuable as marketing, public relations, and political communications (Laskin, 2014). However, as financial policies and communications are highly regulated by government oversight, including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (Laskin, 2014), and may vary from country to country. This along…

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  • Salem Public Relations Case

    What is the public relations issue (opportunity or problem) that the case is based upon? The main opportunity available in this case is to extend the tourism of Salem beyond the Halloween month of October to make it a yearly attractive destination to increase sales and revenue. The problem at hand is that Salem is just historically known for the city of witchcraft and they want this perception in people to change. What background(secondary) research was conducted in the case (if any)? What…

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  • Lewandowski Public Relations

    The unique element of public relations writing is that it is the attempt to establish positive relations between an organization and its various publics. Other forms of writing, such as journalism, documentaries and fiction are not meant to leave the public with a positive image. While, they can have a positive effect they are used to tell stories, to express one’s opinion and to tell one-side of a story. Writing for public relations focuses on using a written platform to communicate a…

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  • Contagion Movie Analysis

    loss of their respective wife and mother who was the first known victim of the virus. Additionally, the film also follows a handful of prominent researchers with the Centers for Disease Control as they attempt to develop a vaccine for the virus and a public relations strategy…

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  • Porter Novelli Case Study: San Diego Airlines

    The kind of research that was used to support this campaign was the traditional four-step model. When the Authority public affairs team collaborated with the public relations firm Porter Novelli, this gave them the resources they needed to research, plan, evaluate, and communicate what they needed to expand the San Diego airport. One of the main things that they did was research to make sure that all their expansions would be under code so that the Environmental Impact Report would approve…

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  • Blue Bell Case Analysis

    analyzed properly, that’s why we have a public relations department. We as practitioners should try to be proactive when it comes to communicating a crisis and as we have learnt that employees should be the first ones to know as they are the frontline of the…

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  • Nora Helmer In Henrik Ibsen's A Doll

    Norma Helmer is the best outline of the illusioned lady who lives in a general public where the male abuses the female and diminishes to a minor doll or toy. Nora Helmer is that doll living in her fake doll house, which strengthens the delicate thought of a steady family living under a patriarchal and conventional rooftop. One can contend that Nora Helmer and the other female figures depicted in A Doll's House are the best models of the "second sex". Aristotle likewise said," The female is a…

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  • The PRINZ Definition Of Public Relations

    understand and analyse the PRINZ definition of Public Relations, it is easiest to divide the definition to three separate sections. These sections can then be applied to different theories of Public Relations including systems theory, relationship management theory and excellence theory. The theories and therefore the definition can then be further analysed by using current New Zealand examples, of the theories being implemented into the real-world Public Relations industry. “Deliberate,…

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  • Negative Portrayal Of Nurses In The Media Essay

    Proquest, google scholar, and youtube. I used the restrictions; image of nurs*, and stereo*, and I set the databases to find peer reviewed articles within 2008 to 2015 in the English language. The media portrays nursing in a negative manner and the public fails to regard what the job of nurses are in the real world. The media has portrayed the image of nursing in a negative way, a current example of this is the Dr. Pepper commercial that aired in 2009 worldwide (Canada Dry Mott’s Inc). The…

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