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  • Why Legalize Performance-Enhancing Drugs?

    from 2001-2012 were won by athletes who may have been doping, and with the Athletic World Championship in Beijing happening this month, many are concerned that not enough is being done to ensure that the championships will be fair. Former Olympic pole vault champion Sergey Bubka, now IAAF vice-president, recently attempted to assure those concerned, stating "We will not stop the fight. We know that in the 21st century doping is the biggest danger and there will be zero tolerance. If we need to…

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  • Process Essay: Math In Track And Field

    Math in Track and Field Track and field is a sport consisted of running, throwing, and jumping. Track and field was first recorded in Olympia, Greece at the Ancient Olympic Games in 776 BC (1). Yet track and field first began when cave dwellers chased a deer, jumping over logs and other obstacles, and throwing rocks and spears trying to capture their prey (Marx 3). The Greeks made the idea that track had a great influence on physical and mental health, which is what makes it so popular today…

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  • Unknown Soldier Tomb

    and is home to veterans, presidents, and other honorable people like Matthew Henson who was the first person to reach the North Pole. The cemetery is made of 624 acres and consists of about 400,000 graves. Most graves are a white…

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  • Deadmau5: The Making Of Electronic Music

    Gladwell is claiming that thomas didn’t have any practice for long jumping, but his achilles was longer than others so he jumped alot higher than others, so he naturally had a higher advantage. Another example, as stated by Gladwell.“ The guy in pole vault shoes who thinks high jump is “kind of boring” was crowned the 2007 world champion. On his winning jump, Thomas raised his center of mass to 8’2”. Had he any semblance of the back arch that every other pro jumper does, he would have shattered…

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  • Steroids Should Not Be Allowed In Sports Essay

    “Half of the athletes surveyed by Time magazine in 2000 said they would be willing to take a deadly drug if it would allow them to win every event they entered for five years” (Mumford). The mindset of the athletes who said this is just wrong, using these dangerous substances to win is just wrong and it is not a true win. If you have to use a supplement like steroids to make yourself stronger should never be allowed. Performance enhancing substances should not be permitted in sports. Using a…

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  • Bog Mummification Essay

    Throwing a coin in the Trevi Fountain in Rome, I made a promise to the Numenii to become an archaeologist. My last night in Italy, I stayed awake listening to Florence's Duomo and I knew there was no other option. Living an ocean away from what I love is difficult. I can get close, but never close enough. After reading about the bog bodies of Northern Europe, I wanted to understand bog mummification. With the nearest bog 4,000 miles away, I made my own. Researching the science of the bogs…

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  • Essay On Black Bears

    louisiana state mammals location is from texas to mississippi and everything in between, threatened and proposed for delisting. The american black bear appears to be all across all of north america, although the subspecies of the louisiana black bear is only known to be seen in louisiana, western mississippi, and east texas. When in comparison to other black bears the louisiana black bear is much different. THe black bear of louisiana has a longer, more narrow and latter skull than any other…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Trying Something New

    Trying Something New Some people may be afraid to try new things. It may give them anxiety or change their perspective on how to live their life. That was the case for me, when I was trying to decide if I should join track and field or not. With joining the track team I would have new teammates, coaches, and a whole new experience. If I did not join track, I would stay in the one sport I was involved in, gymnastics, and could focus only on that. It was a hard decision, but I have always wanted…

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  • Spirit Club Experience

    Throughout my four years at Freeburg I have been involved in various clubs and organizations. Currently I am involved in six clubs, Student Council, Spirit Club, Future Business Leaders of America, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, National Honor Society, and Service Club. While I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the clubs the two in particular that I have enjoyed more are Student Council and Spirit Club. Throughout my senior year I have help presidency's in both of these clubs. Student Council…

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  • Jim Thorpe Influence On Education

    games consisted of the long jump, javelin throw, 200 meter dash, discus throw and a 1500 meter race. The decathlon on the other hand consisted of the 100 meter dash, long jump, shot put, high jump, 400 meter dash, discus throw, 110 meter hurdles, pole vault, javelin throw and 1500 meter run. He won the trials for these two events, easily qualifying for the 1912 Olympic games. Along with the deahlon and pentathlon, Jim Thorpe competed in the long jump and high jump. Jim Thorpe, one of the…

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