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  • A Single Shard Character Analysis

    The character Min, from A Single Shard has many unique traits that one would consider a weakness. A character traits that Min possesses that one would consider a weakness is that he is a perfectionist. One quote that shows how Min is a perfectionist is, "Min had smashed the vases himself." This quote shows how Min is a perfectionist because even though the inlay work in the vases were close to perfect, Min still smashed the vases because the glaze was off. He could still use the vases to…

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  • The Theme Of Realism In Emily Dickinson's Poetry

    Throughout history, poetry has been used by many to teach lessons and express the feelings of humanity. During the nineteenth century, authors began to write in a fashion known as Realism, which closely mimics the basis of real life, though more often focuses on acknowledging the negative aspects of humanity. The goal of writing in this style was to promote social reforms and change the mindset of mankind. Death was not an uncommon subject for the realist movement, and many renowned poets from…

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  • Fitness Analysis Essay On Fitness

    finish the run I ended with a major increase of 300 meters, ultimately giving me 3100 meters for my twelve-minute run. My swim laps went from 32 to 34 my first class year; then the next year I got 36 and ended with a small cutback to 34. My front plank stayed consistent at 5 minutes. My first superman was 2 minutes and 15 seconds, and then I ended my ninth grade year with 3.5 minutes. In my tenth grade year I went from 2 minutes to 3.5 minutes. The wall sit was a strong increase my first class…

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  • Unit 6 Exercise Principles

    I always warm-up before I do any form of exercise for about 5 minutes, whether it be cardio or strength. My warm-ups consist of a light quick walk around my house and stretches that include touching my toes, planks, or windmills. I learned a long time ago that if one does not stretch properly, one can easily hurt oneself like break a bone. Next, I start the conditioning phase for about 15 minutes, which consists of either jogging around the neighborhood if weather…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Dock

    “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” I silently creep across the dock, the spruce planks creaking under my old, well-worn boots. The waves crash violently against the rusty metal poles supporting the structure of the dock. The wind vigorously rattles the harbor. Despite the horror inside me, I continue to walk unconfidently down the dock. The moon is the only paint on the dark canvas of the midnight sky, glistening down on me. I…

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  • Weekly Learning Essay

    Describe the weekly learning and practical activities completed this week: In Week 5, there was a range of activities which I completed, this included; Watching four online lectures which introduced me to the concept of muscular fitness. The online videos were really interesting in describing the different components of muscular fitness and how beneficial it is to an individual’s health. In addition, the video’s described how to assess muscular fitness by using a range of tests and the…

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  • Allric Tulzer's Narrative Analysis

    I Heavily intoxicated, Allric Tulzer stumbled into his first-class cabin, his stomach lurching more from the whiskey than the constant flowing motion of the ocean liner. Before boarding Olympic, he had discreetly bid those in his employ to return to Rochester; he had no need of their services during the voyage. He desired solitude and until Allric reached Southampton, that is what he expected. Olympic or Old Reliable, as the massive ship had been affectionately called after the Great War,…

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  • Nursing Case Study On Scaffolder

    DOI: 6/14/2016. Patient is a 41-year-old female scaffolder who sustained a work-related injury while she was lifting a metal plank for scaffolding and felt an immediate pain in her lower back. Based on the progress report dated 11/14/16 by Kenneth Pace, D.C. the patient complains of lower back pain which radiates to the left lateral thigh, legs and toes. She is unable to perform her normal duties. On examination, lumbar range of motion is improved in flexion to 60 degrees, extension to…

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  • Colca Essay

    two ways for the production of the agglomerated cork used for the manufacturing of agglomerated cork products. Those are the use of ‘falca’ and the use of industrial cork waste (residues from the production of natural cork stoppers, namely punched planks). In this study, the recycling of used natural cork stoppers is evaluated for the substitution of the utilization of both ‘falca’ (Scenario 6) and industrial cork waste (Scenario 7). In both scenarios, the recycling process considers the…

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  • Northwest Native American Culture

    The Northwest Native American Culture Region adapted the best to their unique climate and environment by using their resources such as their food sources, housing and tools. These where extremely important to the people because they where items that let them live day to day in premature settlement. This is show easily as it was the longest Region stretching across the entire coastline. Each of these they made/used for different purposes. All of this was vary good to expand as a region/culture.…

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