Why Is The Confederate Flag Racist

The Confederate Flag: Racist or Not? Is the confederate flag racist or not? The Confederate flag is not an official battle flag. It was the battle flag of General Robert E. Lee’s unit. Which leads me to ask, how can you judge someone you don’t know for flying the confederate battle flag? Even though the Confederate flag represents a time of succession, the flag still has other representations; therefore, we shouldn’t ban/nor take down the flag because it is a battle flag but there are still some people who believe it is racist/hateful.
First off, there were many official flags, but the Confederate battle flag was never one of them. There was the Stars and Bars flag. Another official flag was the Stainless Banner flag. Additionally, for the
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It was designed by “Prussian artist Nicola Marschall in Marion, Alabama”. The Stars and Bars flag was adopted into the union in Montgomery, Alabama. When the war started the flag looked too much like the union flag which caused a lot of confusion in “commanding armies in maneuvers”. Which lead to the new national flag, the Stainless Banner flag. (Coski, John M.)(Confederate Flag History) The Stainless Banner’s flag was from May 1, 1863 to March 4, 1865. The white on the flag represents the “purity of the cause”. At the beginning of the war, the Stainless Banners flag was favorable but then it grew to be criticized for being too white. It was criticized because of “the danger of being mistaken for a flag of truce especially on a naval ship and that it was too easily soiled”. In addition to the complaints, the third and final official flag was created. (Coski, John M.)(Confederate Flag History) The Blood Stained Banner flag was the third and final official flag; it was adopted on March 4th, 1865. The difference between the Stainless Banner flag and the Blood Stained Banner flag was that on the Blood stained Banner flag there was a red vertical bar. The new flag was “proposed by Major Arthur L. Rogers”. (Confederate Flag …show more content…
(Dixiecrats) In 1948, Civil Rights revealed the real differences between the north and the south. That’s when the Dixiecrat’s and Southern Strategy began. Once “Senator Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota suggested new civil rights planks for racial integration and the reversal of Jim Crow laws”. (Dixiecrats) But Humphrey compromised and proposed the civil rights planks adoption in 1944. The planks were then adopted which led thirty-five republicans to walk out in protest. “The states’ rights democratic party became known as the Dixiecrats”.

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