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  • Jaws Movie Conclusion

    Jaws Jaws is a book by American author Peter Benchley. It is based on a true story of two amateur fishermen who caught and killed a great white shark that attacked and killed four people along the East Coast of America in 1916. It was published in 1974 and shortly after was made into a movie in 1975. Jaws is about a gigantic, terrifying, great white shark that preys on anyone and everyone on Amity Island. Jaws was a first of its kind. People knew of sharks and had known little about them;…

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  • Moralism In Frankenstein

    Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein centers around the life of Victor Frankenstein and the monster he created. Victor’s life starts out quite well he had a happy childhood but it all goes downhill when he is introduced to a book regarding the sciences of Agrippa. The book leads him down the path of making his monster. The monster searches for love and affection from his creator but is denied when Victor runs away from him. The monster goes into human society instead find the love but regrets his…

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  • Analysis Of God Is Watching You, By Tom Bartlett

    In Gladwell’s book he explains, “One was the study that showed how people who watched Peter Jennings on ABC were more likely to vote Republican than people who watched Tom Brokaw or Dan Rather because, in some unconscious way, Jennings was able to signal his affection for Republican Candidate” (Gladwell 151). Gladwell shows that media and…

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  • Thecla's Role In The Acts Of Paul

    Introduction: “Now concerning the matters about which you wrote: ‘It is well for a man not to touch a woman.’” This is according to the Apostle Paul in his first letter to the Corinthians. Although Saint Paul goes on to say that it is better for one to be married to avoid sexual immorality, historians widely believe that his sexual ethics, especially in relation to virginity, played a significant role in the lives of Christians, especially young women, throughout the early Church. The Acts of…

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  • Pope Francis's Role In The Catholic Church

    Introduction According to Warren & Bennis (2010), “The constancy of change that drives efforts to reinvent government bureaucracies, church hierarchies, and business practices call for audacious leaders who take a stand for what they believe in” (p.29). As a practicing Catholic, I have noticed that the Church is continuously challenged to redefine the role of the Church in our ever changing society under the leadership of Pope Francis. While it is relatively easy to appreciate the public…

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  • Analysis Of 1 Peter Epistle

    Both tradition and the internal evidence of 1 Peter agree upon the authorship of this epistle. 1 Peter 1:1 claims Simon Peter the apostle as the author of this letter. One of the original twelve disciples, this Peter is the only one mentioned in the New Testament. In 1 Peter 5:1, the author claims to be a “witness of the sufferings of Christ”. Along with this internal evidence, various early Christian sources also agreed that Peter was the author. The epistle also has a strong influence…

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  • The 95 Theses Analysis

    The presidential election in the United States this year has clearly showed us how divided this country is. Hundreds if not thousands are concerned with the uncertainty we will have over the next four years with a new president. As a result of the election results people are concerned, troubled, and living in fear because of all the threats the president elect made on the campaign trail. They are worried his threats may one day become a reality. Over the next four years we are living in days…

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  • Compare And Contrast Pieta And St. Michelangelo

    Peter’s Piazza is located at the St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City. It is often referred to as Vatican Square. The Piazza’s creator, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, is one of the most influential artists of his time and to this day. It is named after St. Peter for being one of Jesus’s twelve disciples and being the first Pope. It is the center of the Catholic faith. Bernini created his masterpiece to be both Tuscan and Baroque style. He used the Doric order for the columns. The Piazza is made up of…

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  • Book Of Mark Book Review

    of for information of the things that Jesus said during his time on earth but for me I generally reference the other gospels more frequently then the book of Mark. Now after reading it again and remembering that Mark was with Peter and Paul I’m wondering if it’s not the Peter influence in Mark’s writing that makes it less organized for me. I love the other books of the Bible that Paul wrote and have studied them intensively over the years. I’m accustomed to Paul’s writing style and thought…

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  • Personal Narrative: Jesus As A Way Of Life

    By Christology standards and ideals, Jesus is more of an idea, a way of life than an actual human being. To explain further, all I simply mean is that the reason Christianity is followed is not because of the mythology behind it. It is because of the message it spreads, the positivity it spreads around the globe. It’s a way of life, therefore many people can interpret this way of life through their own perspective. Thier own experiences, which if you have faith, you can say that these…

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