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  • Muscle: Location, Action, Shape, And Function

    Appendicular muscles help the pelvic girdles, pectoral girdles, and the limbs. The appendicular muscles stabilize and positions the pectoral/pelvic girdles producing movement to the upper and lower limbs. The two major groups of appendicular muscles consist of the muscles of the shoulders/upper limbs and the muscles of the pelvis/lower limbs. Muscles of the shoulders and upper limbs are divided into four categories: muscles that position the pectoral girdle, muscles that move the arm, muscles that move the forearm/hand, and muscles that move the hand/fingers. Muscles that position the pectoral girdle include: trapezius (it is superficial covering the back and neck up to the base of the skull inserting on the clavicles and scapular spines), rhomboid/levator scapulae (it is deep to the trapezius attaching to cervical/thoracic vertebrae inserting on the scapular border), serratus anterior (located on the chest originating along the ribs inserting on anterior scapular margin), subclavius (originates on the ribs and inserts on the clavicle), and pectoralis minor (attaches…

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  • Baby Physical Changes

    waiting for her to come into the world. Changes happening to your body in week 19 Even if you have felt the first feeble movements a week or so earlier, it is only in this week that you will be able to distinguish properly between the movements of your baby and other physical changes taking place inside your tummy, such as gas formation and hunger pangs. Here are the other physical changes that are likely to happen in your body around week 19: Your uterus starts moving towards your abdominal…

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  • Creationism Vs Evolution Essay

    I do not agree with the methodology of the reconstruction of Lucy’s pelvis. In the Origins of Man Lovejoy states, “The bones fit together so well that they are in an anatomically impossible position” and then he takes the liberty of restoring the pelvis into its “natural” position. I believe that Lovejoy needed more proof to support his theory. Since Lovejoy assumed that the pelvis was not in its natural position he gives critics the benefit of the doubt to the idea that he doctored up the…

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  • Case Study: Melisa Redmond Of Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company

    ambulance to Genesys Hospital. She was then transferred to Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital. She had surgery to repair 4 pelvic fractures on 9/19/16. Determination is being made for a transfer to an inpatient rehabilitation facility before her transfer home. DIAGNOSIS/DIAGNOSTIC STUDIES/ SURGICAL INTERVENTIONS I was able to obtain 26 pages of medical records from Beaumont Hospital. CT scan of head no acute intracranial process seen, first rib fracture on left with tiny left pneumothorax. CT scans…

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  • Total Hip Replacement Surgery

    Total Hip Replacement Hip arthroplasty is using a prosthesis to replace hip joint is one of the most common surgical procedures today (Walker, 2007). A good surgical team will increase the success rate of the total hip replacement. However, proper nursing interventions during pre-operative and post-operative phase of the surgery is very important for the patient. Nurses spend more time with patients compared to the other health care personnel. Therefore, a good nursing care will better…

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  • Animal Pelvis Characteristics

    One trait that defers between humans and monkey, chimpanzees, and Bonobo's is the size and structure of the pelvic bone and sacrum size. When we look at a human pelvis the sacrum is large and wide in a circle/oval shape, the pelvic structure is thicker in bone size as well as the top of the pelvis has a bigger butterfly effect to it. The Bonobo and monkey pelvis on the other hand is much smaller in both the pelvis shape and sacrum shape. One of the biggest differences is how at the bottom of…

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  • Essay On Hip Bursitis

    Trochanteric Hip Bursitis Treatment Trochanteric bursitis is inflammation of the bursa at the outside point of the hip. A bursa is a fluid filled sack near a joint. This sack functions as gliding surface to reduce friction between body tissues. The plural of bursa is bursae. The major bursae are usually located near large joints such as elbows, shoulders, knees and hips. The hip has two major bursae; ischial bursa and trochanteric bursa. Trochanteric bursa is found on the side of the hip,…

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  • Cause Of Osteolysis

    Osteolysis, also known as “disappearing bone disease,” is a condition where parts of your skeleton begin to disappear and is usually a side effect of another underlying cause taking place in your body. Osteolysis tends to be idiopathic which means it came about spontaneously and the cause is undiscovered. The first case of Osteolysis was reported in 1838 in which an 18 year old man’s humerus disappeared completely. It disappeared over a course of 11 years, in which he suffered two fractures to…

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  • Four Branches Of Forensic Anthropology

    Anthropology, the study of humankind, has four main branches: Cultural Anthropology, Archaeology, Linguistic Anthropology and Physical Anthropology (Larsen 2014). Physical Anthropology focuses mainly on uncovering the mysteries of human evolution by studying fossilized bones of ancient humans and primates to determine their place in our family tree and study what circumstances led to the evolution of the modern human (Larsen 2014). There is a specialty within Physical Anthropology called…

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  • Scientific Racism And Scientific Sexism

    them, it was the pelvis that emerged as the universal measure of womanliness. Although, it’s important to note that the female pelvis was never seen as the symbolic standing of the male skull. Initially, anatomists veered away from the pelvis when ordering the races because it posed problems for their supposed chain of racial being (Schiebinger 156). Many of the conclusions by Camper and Soemmering were flawed since too many of their subjects were male. “When pelvises were studied…

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