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  • An Analysis Of Jd's Therapeutic Riding Ax Plan

    session, help while mounting Bowen by placing his hands (hand over hand) on the horn of the saddle, and also telling his horse, Bowen, to “Go” when asked by riding instructor. JD will be asked to hold and play with the play-dough at different planes, which will work on UE bilateral skills, fine motor skills, and strengthen his UE and hand muscles. JD will also be encouraged to answer questions when asked “what shape are you making?” or “what hand is holding the play-dough?” JD will then actively…

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  • When Hostess Went Wrong

    anything to her. After we sat down our feet literally stuck to the ground, before opening the menu my hand and arm got very sticky from some substance on the table. I opened my menu with the inside inserted upside down from it not being stapled together and see dried BBQ sauce that is an inch thick from top to bottom right down the center, I walked to the front to exchange it and I politely hand the hostess the filthy menu and…

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  • Imperial Ballroom: A Short Story

    The young man laughed, at Yaozu’s reaction,” I see you noticed the feeling of my hand, and my stitches,” He said. Yaozu looked up, astonished,” At first, I thought you were a zombie, because of the stitches! B-But your hand! It’s so soft and fluffy! What are you?” He asked, curiously,” Hold on there, pal! You got way too much on your plate! You see…I’m a scarecrow,” Slicer answered. There was awkward…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Do We Fight Or Flight?

    We were told repeatedly how lucky we were that the accident happened when the hand specialist was on call. I guess I understood the sentiment but it was hard to fully concur. Lucky??…

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  • Clinical Observation Essay On Shivanni

    My overall conclusion of Shivanni’s development is that she has stayed the same through out my clinicals. She still acts the same as she did the first observations given some exceptions. She still needs help with her morning routine and washing her hand. But she did increase her vocalization. She has become much more talkative and participates more at circle time. She has started to mimic the teachers and repeat basic words. So overall Shivanni’s development has stayed very similar to the…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Boxer's Fracture

    I am not a boxer, but I got a boxer's fracture. A boxer's fracture is a fracture of one of the metacarpal bones in the hand. The fracture occurs when a person hits an immovable object with a closed fist. That is exactly what I did about one year ago. My ex boyfriend's collar bone was the point of contact. It was just a regular day at Calvary Baptist Academy. I thought it was atleast. As I was walking down the hallway, a friend stopped me to tell me that my ex boyfriend, Christian, had done…

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  • Case Study: My Ten Month Old Child

    through me talking to her. Molly modeled object perception through beating her dog in the face with a stuffed toy, or by picking up her sippy cup and examining it before taking a drink. She displayed depth perception by judging the distance between her hand and my mouth; this allowed Molly to unexpectedly shove her pacifier into my mouth. At the conclusion of the assignment, I concluded that Molly Kate exemplified many, if not all of the gross and fine motor skills for a child her age. Each of…

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  • Mentally Handicapped In Of Mice And Men Essay

    Why blame a mentally handicapped person for their actions when they don’t understand what they are doing? In John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and men Lennie causes something to happen everywhere they go, and does things that always have a bad outcome even though he doesn’t know any better. He either tries to cause something bad to happen or do something he shouldn’t do. George always tells him what to do and what not to do and most of the time he does or doesn’t listen.…

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  • Personal Narrative: Geraldine Baptist

    Today’s goal was to introduce me to the site, the people that work in my department, the resources available to workers, and current projects. My volunteer supervisor, Geraldine Baptist, showed me around the hospital, specifically where I would normally sign in and sign out, the cafeteria, and the Occupational/Physical therapy outpatient department. Upon arrival at the OT/PT department, Ms. Baptist introduced me to the front desk secretary, Mauracell, a sweet, openhearted young lady. Mauracell…

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  • Free Throw Persuasive Speech

    and double check that only your fingertips are touching the ball. This next part should happen in one motion. Bend your knees and hips and as you come up, bring your hands up so that the thumb on your dominant hand goes past your eye and is level with your eyebrow. Remember to keep the 90 degree angle this whole time. The off hand thumb should be in line with the middle of your nose and should end level with the middle of your forehead, remember elbow position. Bring your arm up and forward so…

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