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  • Three Forms Of Non-Verbal Communication

    observe this act as members of the gym entered and exited. I was able to observe other forms of non-verbal messages at Walmart. A child who wandered into the toy section of the store against his mother’s wishes was summons back with a very popular hand gesture. Gestures that accompany verbal messages are called…

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  • Occupational Therapy Student Reflection

    place in her way to the playpen, and she was able to avoid them to retain an object. She listened to familiar words such as dada, mama, yes, no and toy. JW was able to guide action on toy manually after she took it from occupational therapy student hand. She used locomotion to regain object; resumes play. She responded to simple verbal request for example with instructions to get her toy from the container. When placed on the foam board, she removed the round piece attached to it. She…

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  • Splint Wearing Reflection Paper

    of motion especially in radial deviation and wrist extension. Upon entering the store and getting my drink I realized all my money was in my right front pocket. The splint doesn’t go into my pocket and I could not reach into my pocket with my left hand. Needless to say I had to remove the splint to retrieve the money from my pocket. The man at the counter was looking at me with a smirk but never offered his assistance. After entering my house, I proceeded to put all my things down to change…

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  • The Movie 'The Wizard Of Oz'

    ended up in the Land of OZ. SCARED: This sign uses the movement of both hand towards each other at chest level starting at the shoulders with both hands closed, but suddenly opening them as the reach each other keeping palms facing inside. It was used when Dorothy referred to the Bad Witch. MAGIC: Bringing both hands together at lower chest level moving in outward circular moving over the chest to finish with open hands palms facing down, after executing a movement mimicking a magician…

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  • Occupational Therapy Self Reflection Paper

    My father said that he believes that it says something about a man with hands that are dry and cracked, in all aspects of life. He wants to be able to pick up his grandchildren as well as shake the hand of a business associate without having them think his hands are dry and scratchy. I find this task very soothing and do it at least four or five times a day sitting at my desk. I do think that this is something that…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Sandy Beach

    cloths. We ran towards the beach, which was a beautiful sight to see such a heavenly experience. As we found a resting ground, Devasree soon persuade me to walk with her in the sandy beach alone. I eventually agreed and we walked in the sandy beach, her hand gracefully locked into mine walking side by side. She uttered one word, “ Love, what does it mean to you?” Our feet dissolving in the sand from each step we take. I reciprocated of a smile at the word of love, “ It’s overlapping our selves.…

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  • Observation Of Observing Children

    primary language is English. The first observation of John occurred during family style breakfast. The teacher called on the children sitting at the teacher assistant’s table to stand up from the carpet and go wash their hands. As the children began to form a line to wash their hands, John stopped at a table with food in the center of the table. John stood behind a chair, reached over to a bowl in the center of the table and grabbed…

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  • Alice Monologue

    trouble I got myself into. I sat shivering on my steps, watching the snow pile up on the ground at least two feet high. Comfortable silence floated around me as the sun set with pink sky as it’s backdrop. A few minutes later Alice arrived, toolbox in hand, as she ascended the steps she wrapped her coat around me with a smile and then went to work on the door to try and budge it open. When that didn’t work and the snow was still rising, she started working on prying…

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  • Controversy: Nonverbal Communication

    Our hands are one of our most important tools in regard to communication. We can use them to do a number of things such as gesture express emotion with words, or touch to emphasize our words, or even using emblems, which convey a message without the use of any words. We almost rely on our words, and some of us can not even talk without using our hands. Most of us use our hands every day without even noticing. A good example of this is in class, we raise our hands to indicate we have a question…

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  • Understated Tone In Out, Out

    The book “Portable literature: Reading, Reacting, Writing” defines understatement as “Intentional downplaying of a situation’s significance, often for ironic or humorous effect” (Kirszner and Mandell), or as “saying less than is meant” (Kriszner and Mandell) . In “Out, Out-” by Robert Frost, we see an understated tone used throughout the poem. I believe that by using an understated tone, Robert Frost builds suspense and bringing out the true meaning behind his words. I feel that if Frost had…

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