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  • Child Observation Examples

    Description of Child: Amia is a 3 year old girl Caucasian girl. She has pale blonde hair with a slight curl that flipped out by her ears. Her skin was a pale, a fair complexion and she had piercing blue eyes. Her height is estimated to be about three foot 2 inches. She wore a pink dress, floral tights and sandals. During my observation she demonstrated how she can be outgoing with her friends but also quiet and reserved when she’s with herself. She also showed how she’s developing and how well.…

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  • The Importance Of Engineering Control

    be necessary in preventing MSIs. Modification of the design may reduce awkward wrist positions and minimize the effects of repetitive motions (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, 2015). Proper designing of hand tools, minimizes awkward positioning of the hand and wrist when the task involves repetitive movement (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, 2015). Other engineering controls include the following: a. A lever to lift and transport the heavy timber woods b.…

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  • Preschool Children Research Paper

    this educator praise the children for their efforts, while allowing this age group to explore autonomy and learn self-regulation, (Morrison, 2015, Ch. 10). Preschool: Physical Development – Age-appropriate Activities I. Fine motor: Another Set of Hands? Materials: scarves, bucket Procedure: 1. The children use their toes to pick up scarves and put them in a bucket. 2. Another option: have child close their eyes/blind-fold one child at a time, and as they reach into the bucket to grab the…

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  • Why Is It Important To Have Rules In The Classroom

    classroom. While students may be still working on using their words to express their feeling it is important for them to keep their hands to themselves if they try using their words but that isn’t working then they should get help from the teacher. When a student has something to say they should raise their hand instead of blurting out what they have to say, raising your hand shows the teacher they have something to…

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  • John Carter Essay

    Is there life after death? John Carter thought idly, leaning against the high brass railings of the rooftop restaurant. Why don’t you come and find out? the cold, dark abyss below him seemed to whisper, its seductive voice cold and impersonal. The railings gleamed like burnished gold in the last slanting rays of the westering sun; the metal surface cool and smooth to the touch. As daylight faded to black, the street below became an abode of deepening blue shadows interspersed by streetlights…

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  • Personal Narrative: Running Out Of Wood In The Basement

    It was a cold winter day. We were running out of wood in the basement and I was always the one who helped my dad put more into the basement. I was in the third grade and loved helping my dad outside with his chores that he had to do. My dad told me that he was going out to put some wood in the basement and I began bundling up in my warm winter clothes. I put on my snow pants, coat, boots, hat, and work gloves before heading outside to help. My dad was pulling out of the garage on the four…

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  • Dominant Eye Dominance In Basketball

    Stackhouse English 8 3 December 2014 Sandra Slutz, a staff scientist at Ohio University, found out that if a person is crossed hand eye dominant then they will shoot better because their dominant eye is not blocked by the basketball she also writes, “coaches need to coach from the eyes down”, since the eyes play a very important part in basketball shooting. Although, crossed hand eye dominance provides the best basketball shooting percentages, dominance-altering activities will improve same-side…

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  • Theme Of Death In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

    They casually went up to the body and shook it’s decapitated hand. The uncomfortable thing about it was that they were so comfortable to go up to the body and do that. Death has a certain formality to it that causes comfort. The soldiers treated the man like he was alive. O’Brien reflects that the soldiers, “grabbed the old man’s hand and offered a few words.” The imagery of these burly, young men walking up to a dead body and shaking its hand is very eerie, and the fact that they were talking…

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  • Niagra Falls Descriptive Writing

    in the smell of mist and damp seaweed.I glanced around the boat everywhere I looked there was was white paint and drops of water sparkling like crystals.The floor was like slippery ice as I walked across it over to my dad by a railing.I placed my hands on the cool shiny metal wrapping my fingers around it.The boat let out a humming sound and started vibrating, we were about to leave the docks! The boat lurched forward and we started moving towards the falls mist and wind spraying more…

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  • Mallet Finger Injury

    Mallet finger is when the farthest joint in a individuals finger has dropped down. The finger can usually be put into a straightened position if it is maneuvered by another person or by another hand (Cooper & Elsevier, 2007). Mallet finger will affect a client’s eating pattern because it would be hard for them to grasp the spoon. With this condition, the client will not be able to fully wrap their finger around an eating utensil or another object in general. Individuals may encounter Mallet…

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