Rosie And The Cultural Factors Of A Girl's Best Friend

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Her name is Rosie and she is placed on my right hand, ring finger. She is a sterling silver,

heart shaped diamond ring. She is a size 7 and is from Kay Jewelers. There are little diamonds

that make up her shape. Rosie has been with me since April 1, 2015 and has never left my finger,

but still managed to get a couple of scratches on her. Everywhere I am, Rosie is. I guess it is true

what people say, diamonds are really a girl’s best friend. Rosie has a sentimental value and is

worth more than materialistic value. She symbolizes the relationship between a father and a

daughter and impacts the cultural factors of your life.

Rosie was given to me as a gift by my father on my 18th birthday. Before he gave me the

ring, he told me
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Even if I was to lose the it, it still will not be something that can not be

replaced. I chose to place it on my ring finger as a reminder of how my next diamond should

look. I also placed it there due to the belief that the left ring finger has a vein connected to the

heart. While it is on my right hand, I still felt that it was an appropriate place as well as it was the

finger in which my father placed it on.

While some may argue that the ring should not have as much meaning and value to me as

it does, I would disagree. I feel that I was very a very lucky lady to have a father in my life for

my entire life. I have lots of friends and family members the same age as I am who have never

met their father or don’t have a relationship with them in the way that I do. This makes the ring

and meaning behind so much more important to me. It symbolizes the fact that my father was

there and will always be there for me. It also symbolizes the type of man that I believe he would

want me to marry and have children with. I believe that he would want me to marry a man that it

similar to him in regards to how he takes care of his responsibilities. The ring displays emotion,

love and trust for
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Another cultural factor surrounding my ring would be the lessons that he taught me within

my life that will affect my decisions in the future. These lessons are ones that I will carry

throughout my life.

These cultural values has shaped my beliefs, principles, and habits that will shape the

way in which I plan to raise my future children alongside my husband. The power that my ring

possess is the way I feel a man is supposed to treat me. It improves the way in which I walk,

dress, and speak. It also improves as well as shape my future accomplishments by understanding

that I must make my father proud. I feel as if my cultural values are due to the way in which I

was raised. These things have a daily impact on the way in which I see the world and my

surroundings. I want to ensure that I am making the best example for not only myself but my

future family as well as my father.

As a African­ American, I feel that society has displayed the lack of fathers that are

present within their child’s life. I feel that that my father has played a major role within my life

which has impacted the way in which I carry myself. I commend my father for being the

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