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  • Descriptive Essay: A Day At The Fairgrounds

    down the road to yet another man in a vest. We got our parking spot and my brother and I are ready to go everywhere our little hearts desired. We entered into the fairgrounds, my brother and I holding hands in between our parents. I was holding my dad’s hand and my brother was holding my mom’s hand. We had to wait yet a little while longer in the line filled with…

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  • Artemisia Gentileschi: Baroque Artist

    during this time produced works that were more interested in beauty and the face, Artemisia’s strengths were in painting hands and strong women. According to Garrard “the hand speaks through movement and shape,” (4) and hands have a “gender dimension” (5). Artemisia’s hands tend to be more determined and…

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  • Alfred A. Montapert: A Short Story

    preaching to my sister and I that knives were off limits. Unfortunately for me, I made the gaffe of disobeying them and heading straight for the cupboard where we keep the sharp tools. I ever-so-quietly snuck open the door, reaching up with my tiny hands, fumbling around until I found what I needed: a small, very sharp knife. I slid the blade carefully into a wedge right above the bad part. Having zero previous experience with knives, I had no idea that it wouldn’t just carve right through the…

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  • Anti-Skeptical Argument Of The Brain In A Vat

    premise one, I know that I have hands only if I know I am not a brain in a vat, this statement could be false itself because what if even if I was in a “Vat” I wasn’t just a brain but an entire body, seen within the movie The Matrix. Either way I personally don’t believe there has been an evidence to either disbelieve or believe this theory.…

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  • Motor Development Observation

    that in the preschool class, the children were able to perform fine motor skill such as building large objects by attaching smaller objects together. This action, and many others observed while the children were playing, is a result of development in hand eye coordination and spatial awareness. Isaac was able to toss a ball up and hit it with a swinging bat; this would not be possible without each developmental step preceding…

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  • Missy: A Fictional Narrative

    friends.” He placed a hand on my shoulder and looked to Craig, Kevin, and Missy. “Friends are the most valuable things in the world. ‘Cause you never know when you’ll…

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  • Rosie: A Short Story

    Her name is Rosie and she is placed on my right hand, ring finger. She is a sterling silver, heart shaped diamond ring. She is a size 7 and is from Kay Jewelers. There are little diamonds that make up her shape. Rosie has been with me since April 1, 2015 and has never left my finger, but still managed to get a couple of scratches on her. Everywhere I am, Rosie is. I guess it is true what people say, diamonds are really a girl’s best friend. Rosie has a sentimental value and is worth more…

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  • Case Study On Ryan's Relationship With Her Father

    15. You notice that Ryan 's mother tries to pull his arms through the sleeves of his shirt/jacket from his hands. She tells you that he is stubborn and just pulls the other way when she 's trying to dress him. Discuss why "physiologically" this is happening and offer some suggestions you might make to Ryan 's mother to make dressing easier. In children with CP, it can be difficult to dress and undress due to unwanted movements caused by stiffness related to tone. I would demonstrate a tapping…

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  • Loss Of Life In Robert Frost's Poem Out, Out

    Is the use of a hand worth the loss of a life? In the poem “Out, Out--” by Robert Frost the speaker tells of a boy who uses a saw to cut stove length sticks of wood for a living. The boy ran his hand into a saw and instead of taking precautions to save his life he demanded that his hand be saved. As a result of these demands the boy not only loses his hand but also dies. Frost uses key imagery, foreshadowing, diction, and irony, to show that in certain circumstances holding onto something can…

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  • My Speech: A Comparison Of A Speech

    However, I do have many weaknesses. For example, I will easily apply some movements to my speech, such as touching my hair, wringing my hands, or shrinking my shoulders. Other than that, I always stop the speech because of my unfamiliar with the article, especially the problem of the pronunciation. Sometimes, because of the unfamiliar with the text, when I am trying to remember something…

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