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  • Most Dangerous Game Narrative

    I gripped my lacrosse stick like a blanket on a cold winter night, scared down to my bones about what I was about to do. I peeked the back door open to see if anyone was watching, but I knew that no one would be up at this time of night. I grabbed my backpack from the table and quickly ran out the door toward the woods not sure what was lurking in its darkness. I ran through the trees as briskly as I could, nimble on my feet. I knew no one could catch me now, no one knows what I’ve done. I was…

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  • Personal Narrative: I M Moving To South Carolina

    South Carolina to be closer to my mom. My son Charlie loves the thought of moving because we finally will be out of the country and next to neighbors. The neighbor to the left is very inviting, maybe too inviting. She came over and brought us a pie and offered us to come over for dinner, but I made up some excuse to not have to go. I'm not a very friendly person. Charlie told me that I was very rude. The next evening I calmly walked over to Sars house. I apologized for my selfish acts and…

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  • Narrative Essay: The Longest Day Of My Life

    shade. My entire body seemed to burning. My shaking hands lifted my aching body from the dirt. My skin was no longer this pale color, but instead was as red as a lobster. There was also dirt covering every part of my body. How it got up my pants? I have no clue, but it was rubbing my skin the wrong way. My eyes traveled to the two large bite marks on my right arm, and my left leg. The blood had congealed, but the dirt was creating this yellow tint around the marks. I tear off the sleeves of my…

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  • Education Trainer Essay

    My name is Karen Holmes and I am the Education Assistant at Kappa Kappa Gamma Headquarters. Your District Director, [District Director name], recently contacted me to place a request for an Every Member Education Trainer visit for your chapter. This workshop…

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  • My Fair Lady In Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion

    Though many scholars may harshly criticize My Fair Lady for not adhering to Bernard Shaw’s intentions for Pygmalion, it is my conviction that the musical’s additions to his play should be celebrated, not castigated. The costumes, scenery, actions, and especially the songs significantly develop the characters, greatly enhance its comedic aspects, and fine tune many of Shaw’s themes; they are indispensable in gaining a full appreciation of Pygmalion. Songs play a vital role in developing Shaw’s…

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  • Is Honesty A Virtue And That The Truth Will Set You Free

    At my age, there are many things teenagers don’t think about; politics, future, and consequence. Unfortunately, at the time, I only thought about politics and my future. Fortunately, now I think about all three to a greater degree. In many cases, teenagers think about how to live in the now, they drink and smoke – I do neither because I practice total abstinence. In contrast to many of my peers, I focused a lot on my future. As a stereotypical Asian-American I focused on maintaining my…

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  • Differences Between My Fair Lady And Pygmalion

    viewers get to witness the extraordinary story of Eliza Doolittle as she transforms herself into an upper class women. Even though both novel and film have similarities, they also share some major differences. One of the major differences was that My Fair Lady was a musical, while the novel by George Bernard Shaw was a written play. In the movie, several songs were sang by the characters. These songs were very good and really changed the whole aspect of the movie. While the characters…

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  • How Does Holden Preserve The Innocence Of The Catcher In The Rye

    Mesmerized by the internal need to preserve the innocence in the world around him, Holden ventures off on a life-changing journey to grasp the unattainable, the need to prevent children from maturing. With the unfortunate past events in his life guiding the way, Holden embarks on a mission to prove to the world that he can make his inflated dream a reality by protecting the youth from the impurities of adulthood. Being the catcher in the rye is more than just a job that Holden wants; it is the…

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  • Character Analysis Of Willy In Death Of A Salesman By Arthur Miller

    Dr. Harald Sala once said, “Understanding yourself is a step towards inner peace, and a step nearer achieving your unfulfilled ambitions.” This quote is seen throughout the play Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, however there are characters in the play that know the meaning of understanding yourself and the happiness of success. Ben in the play is Willy’s older brother and is a form of guidance in Willy’s life, so he has a major impact on Willy and unlike his brother, he is very ambitious.…

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  • My Sister's Keeper

    I first met my Grandma Vita at my birth; she came to welcome me into this world. I may not remember that, but I remember all the times I had visited her in the hospital. She was always in pain from the treatment she had to receive. She tried not to show it, but you could see the pain in her eyes. Later on, doctors revealed she had not been on the proper treatment and they were giving her too much pain medication that was slowly killing her. These are the harsh facts of life. This is what…

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