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  • Aristotle's Virtues

    benefit from each other. The second is based on pleasure and this is where both people are drawn to each other’s good qualities. Lastly, is friendship based on goodness and this is where both people admire the other’s goodness and strive for goodness. In my opinion, the last example of friendship is the most important and holds the most value. According to Aristotle, goodness is an enduring quality and friendships based on this tend to last. I think that a friendship that brings out the best in…

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  • How To Evaluate Milgram's Experiment

    In 1974 Stanley Milgram conducted a study that tested the obedience of ordinary people. The experiment began with three participants: • The “Proctor” (Milgram’s helper who controlled the experiment) • The “Learner” (The accomplice to the experiment who acted as though he was being shocked upon giving an incorrect answer) • The “Teacher” (This was the unknowing true subject of the experiment. He was the person who thought that he was truly administering shocks to the learner upon receiving an…

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  • How Does Keller Show Guilt

    to a criminal, as if it were a button to an overcoat. As time goes on, that string is worn from stress, making it more susceptible to snap. Just like a string, all guilt has a snapping point. Joe Keller is the protagonist in Arthur Miller's play All My Sons, who is consumed by the guilt of killing innocent World War II pilots. The guilt of this tragedy is unbearable for Keller, as it drives him to insanity and ultimately compels him to commit suicide. Keller's greatest enemy is his internal…

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  • Research Paper On My Sister Keeper

    I found Jodi Picoult’s novel, “My Sister Keeper”, to be an emotional and inspirational story. Anna Fitzgerald was created as a designer baby to be a donor for her sister Kate who was diagnosed with Leukemia. “They had me so I could save Kate. I wouldn’t be alive if Kate wasn’t sick”. When Anna turns 13, she decides that she has had enough and sues her parents for the right to her own body. This novel describes the pain and damage the arrangement caused their family and teaches the audience about…

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  • Tyler's Emotional Journey In Remember Me

    Whether it be in a book or movie, in every story there is always a journey. A journey takes a character in a different direction than he or she was originally were going. Journeys can be physical as well as emotional. An emotional journey is exactly what the main character of the movie Remember Me goes through. In the movie Remember Me, the main character, Tyler Hawkins, goes of a personal and emotional journey. After getting into a fight with his father, Tyler and his friend from college go…

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  • Dramatic Criticism In Porphyria's Lover By Robert Browning

    first twenty lines of the poem, and furthermore brings out the insane qualities of the lover. After she “laid her soiled gloves by,” as if she were just digging her own grave, “She put my arm about her waist, / And made her smoother white shoulder bare, / And all her yellow hair displaced, / And, stooping, made my cheek lie there, / And spread o’er all, her yellow hair” (line 15). The inverted syntax gives emphasis to the verbs at the end of the sentence, giving sexual, comforting connotations…

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  • The Importance Of Mobile Applications In Education

    “In my opinion, the future of mobile is the future of everything,” once said by Matt Galligan, co founder of Circia. Mobile applications have been around for quite some time now. They are disliked by some and enjoyed by others; however, applications are a tremendous influence on today 's generation. Although many Americans do not recognize, applications have had a significant impact in fitness and health, in teenagers, and in education. Applications are a significant influence in today 's…

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  • God Is God Analysis

    was truly phenomenal human. He established, beyond sensible doubt, that he is more than just a man. However staggering the implications, Jesus’ words and actions graphically prove that he is God. As we sat in the cafeteria of the Bedfordshire Times, my friend Steve wanted proof of God’s existence: “If you’re really there, God, why on earth don’t you prove it?” It seems to me that when Jesus walked the planet, God did, on earth, prove…

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  • Pygmalion And My Fair Lady Analysis

    movies are like apples and oranges. They both are fruit, but taste completely different.” Stephen King’s quote about the difference between books and movies exemplifies the contrast between the play, Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw, and the movie adaptation, My Fair Lady. Although both highlight the importance of phonetics and the teacher-student relationship that Henry and Eliza share, the alterations of the characters in the movie make it highly unrealistic. Henry Higgins exhibits aristocratic…

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  • Motion Pictures Industry

    1.Introduction In retrospect, the Chinese motion pictures industry has been growing exponentially from 2012 to 2015.Drived by the integration of the whole cultural industry, penetration of financial capital and participation of Internet economy, the Chinese movie industry has been stepping into an era with vigor and vibrancy. The overall box office reached to 5.1 billion in 2014 from 2.2 billion in 2010 and the trend of national box office is still upward as shown in Fig.1.1.below.…

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