Colleen Moore: The First Step In Hollywood

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Colleen Moore was an American film actress in silent film era. Moore became one of the most fashionable stars of the era and popularize with her's bobbed haircut.Moore was the eldest child and she owned dollhouses as a child, but her father suggested that she should pursue her passion for miniatures and dollhouses by creating the "doll house" of her dreams.
She started taking her first step in Hollywood when she was 15 years old,her uncle arranged a screen test with American film director like D. W. Griffith. She wanted to be a second Lillian Gish. Gish was an American actress of the screen and stage that everyone have known her as the first lady of American Cinema. Moore began their own stock company with her brother, reputedly performing on a stage created from a piano packing crate. Her aunts, who indulged her, she often bought her miniature furniture on their many trips, with which she furnished the first of a succession of doll houses in Chicago.
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The interior of The Colleen Moore Doll House, designed by Harold and built by 100 people who worked on the Hollywood film.Inside the dollhouse features miniature bear skin rugs and detailed furniture and an elaborate doll's house adapted to fantastic proportions, filled with miniatures and the tiny artifacts. It is the ultimate enchanted castle it has 11 rooms, the lush gardens, sumptuous rooms, decorated with precious furniture and priceless art. There are beautiful chandeliers, and elegant bathrooms and each room is filled with murals, paintings on the walls and the ceilings of fantasy stories from her childhood. Moore used the Fairy Castle to raise money for children's charities and in 1949 the castle was donated to the Museum of Science and Industry,

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