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  • Social Work Narrative

    PERFORMANCE TASK: Narrative I’m sitting in my office in my pajamas as I get a phone call on my cell phone. I had just gotten a new one so the contact didn’t pop up. Who might this be? I think to myself. I click on the answer button. I began to speak, “Hello it’s Bryland. Who is this?” “This is the school. Bailey passed out during class, we need you down here immediately!” The lady says sounding very freaked out. “I’ll be there as soon as possible!” I pulled my long black hair out of a bun while…

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  • Bank Experience Essay

    Bank Experience) My first experience with selecting my current bank draws back to my first day at university. I created an account, on paper, at a tent during the welcome week celebration. The experience was quite rushed and informal. I had numerous questions and concerns. I have never had to deal with my own finances before, and I was quite nervous. However even though the rushed process, the bank was quite accredited and well-known so I didn 't mind and felt safe inputting my personal…

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  • The Importance Of Being Antisocial

    Throughout my life I have had issues with being antisocial but not in the most obvious way. In the way where I could converse with and befriend others, my issues was i tend to be antisocial when it comes to friendship and being in groups of friends. I always find myslef to be strayed away. To this day I still can not comprehend why. It is highly reasonableto say i endure complications when it comes to feeling included. This is mostly due to my anxiety. Growing up i was overly self-conscious.…

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  • Be My Escape Poem Analysis

    The song, “Be My Escape”, by Relient K, uses one main poetic device to convey the story that the speaker is telling: metaphor. Throughout the poem, the speaker illustrates that they are locked inside a house. We are told that they know how to get out, because they know who has the key, however they are afraid of what lies beyond their safe walls out in the world. They initially think that they know what is best for themselves. Eventually they come to the conclusion that they must take the chance…

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  • Frankenstein Character Analysis

    He admires his appearance, character and health. He describes this in the opening pages through his letters to Elizabeth by saying “I must say also a few words to you, my dear cousin, of little darling William. I wish you could see him, he is very tall of his age, with sweet laughing blue eyes, dark eyelashes, and curling hair. When he smiles, two little dimples appear on each cheek, which are rosy with health”. This could therefore mean he wants William dead? He is jealous of Williams’s…

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  • Perceval's Room: A Fictional Narrative

    out of my bed, will you?” bellowed Perceval, nearly apoplectic with rage, as he yanked up his trousers and slipped his feet into his boots. Right then, Gawain stepped into the room, his eyes skimming the scene. “Could someone clarify what’s going on in here?” asked Gawain. “You’re making quite the racket.” Perceval laced his boots. “This fucking bitch” – he jammed his thumb…

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  • Personal Narrative: Is It Worth The Pain?

    the darkest crevices in my mind. Divorce! The word to me seems so grotesque and evil; however this cruel word became a reality for me when I was sixteen years old. Family has been always one of the most important aspects in my life, my life and the world as I knew it died. Nevertheless, I still find myself wishing my parent’s were back together, I understand that it is selfish to wish this, but I can’t help but close my eyes and imagine this image of my mom, my sister and my dad all living…

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  • Raven Diamond Cloud: A Short Story

    Beyond the Forest I rolled out of bed and yawned. I decided to go horseback riding so I could see the morning sunrise. I threw on some dark green riding clothes (because that’s my favorite color) and ran out the door. I walked the familiar path and I was almost at the stable when I heard footsteps making their way toward me. Without turning around I yelled, “Adrian I know you 're behind me!” The footsteps stopped, I heard a swish and before I could blink, Adrian was upside down hanging…

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  • My Strengths

    I’ll have to admit, at first I thought taking a quiz to find out my strengths seemed kind of bogus. I wasn’t all for it; it honestly seemed like a waste of time. Once we got to class and started analyzing our strengths, I began to realize that maybe this quiz wasn’t such a joke. Most of us have spent our entire lives with the mindset that we need to build up our weaknesses. As we found out, this might not be entirely true. It turns out that it is actually more productive to capitalize on our…

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  • Blanche Monologue Analysis

    Blanche, My dear Blanche, I realise that you are not aware of this but when I look into your eyes my entire world fills with light. It is none other than you who becomes this light that effortlessly pulls me away from the darkness within my soul: my insecurity. Your glistening locks of hair along with your elegance and sheer grace are overwhelming, yet the love and adoration that I have for you does not falter. Your large, glowing eyes like lanterns to light my way when I become lost, are full…

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