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  • The Castle Film Analysis

    The Castle (1997), directed by Rob Sitch and Strictly Ballroom (1992), directed by Baz Luhrman both succeed in displaying the idea of Australian dreamers. They both to show that Australia is a land where working hard can make dreams come true. Scott, from Strictly Ballroom, dreams to win the Pan Pacific’s, and more importantly, to dance his own steps. Darryl, The Castle, just wants to keep living his simple life in his house with his family. While both ideals and characters vastly contrast, they are both dreamers. The two films have differing plots. Strictly Ballroom is about a young man wanting to dance his own steps. Scott dreams of a life where he does not have to follow the strict rules set by the Dance Federation. After finally dancing his own steps, he is turned on by his partner, and must set out to find a new one. He stumbles across Fran, a beginner dancer at his mother’s dance school, who convinces him not to judge a book by its cover, and how to feel free and dance his own steps. He discovers that his father also wanted to dance his own steps and was held back by Barry Fife, head of the Dance Federation, Les Kendall, Scott’s coach, and Shirley Hastings, Doug’s wife and Scott’s mother. Scott realises what he really wants and dances with Fran at the Pan Pacific’s. The Castle, on the other hand, is about an older man fighting to keep his house for his family. The government attempts to remove his house for Airlink. Even without the intelligence required to face a…

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  • Netball Game Analysis

    The sport I have decided to choose is netball and the position is Goal Keeper (GK). The main task of the Goal Keeper is to defend the goal, to prevent the ball from making it to the goal circle and to stop a goal from being scored. The contrasting opponent is the Goal Shooter. Key tactics – Goal Keeper: • Close defence of the goal shooter. • Work well/communicate with the Goal Defence in the goal circle. • Defence • Catch the rebound/missed goals. • Be quick in order to intercept balls from the…

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  • Importance Of Dodging In Netball

    Dodging enables changes of direction to take place within a game of netball. When performed correctly, a dodge challenges the defending player, making it more difficult to obstruct and intercept the played ball. It can cause the dynamics of the game to change completely, allowing you to avoid the defender by a sudden quick movement. I play wing attack, and occasionally goal attack, therefore it is my job to pass the ball up the court and into our goal. In order to do this, I regularly break free…

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  • Netball Training Research Paper

    Each session needs to be well planned to improve fitness for a specific fitness level depending on the type of sport. The sport, which I have decided to discuss for health and fitness, is Netball. It is a game that is very exciting, which involves running, jumping, throwing, catching, and it is well known internationally. Yes, mostly a female game and not much played in the USA. It is very similar to basketball and the training must include: warm up and warm down, practicing skills and…

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  • Mental Toughness In Netball Sport

    Introduction Sporting code of choice is Netball Netball is a sport played with a ball and two teams of seven players. Netball games are played on a rectangular court surface with two raised goal posts with rings on the top. The rings are used to shoot the ball in. Each player has a specific position to play on the court and certain players are restricted to a certain place. Each team has a Goal Shooter, Goal Attack, Wing Attack, Centre, Wing Defence, Goal Defence and Goal Keeper. A…

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  • Equity In Sport

    Access and Equity at Brisbane State High School Netball An individual’s decision to participate in a particular sport can often be influenced by contributing social factors that can directly and indirectly shape their opinions with respect to that specific sport (Houlihan et al 2008). Such factors can be illustrated and understood utilising Figueroa’s framework, outlining exactly how they can influence and impact one’s decisions (Amezdroz et al 2010). Netball is an enjoyable yet highly…

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  • Essay On Figueroa's Framework

    activities such as netball. Netball is a sport mainly played by girls, this creates a gender inequality in the sport. With the majority of the participants being girls, males tend to not want to be a part of the sport. This extended response will evaluate the impact of the cultural level of Figueroa’s framework on my netball participation. The participation…

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  • Media Influence In Sports

    viewers correlate sports stars with teams and brands, influencing their decision making when it comes to where their attention goes (Chron, 2018). Laura Geitz is a prime example of this. Idolised for her captaincy of the Firebirds and Australian Diamonds, as well as her inspirational defending skills, she has become a star in the Netball environment (Mccaw, 2018). As a new mother, she also has become an inspiration to woman in all careers. Stars like her draw in the eyes of people…

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  • Figueroa's Framework Interpersonal Level

    The interpersonal level has influenced my participation in netball by the people I am surrounded by. The people that have influenced and inspired me to play netball are my friends and family. The reasons why I decided to play netball was because quite a few of my close friends were playing and my mum played netball when she was younger. My mum’s positive values of netball have been transferred to me. Netball is the perfect sport for me to socialise with my friends and keep fit and healthy. On…

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  • The Importance Of Mind Mapping

    Research Planning What did this activity involve you doing? This mind map involved me creating a visual map of the key concepts and main ideas of netball. This meant choosing subheadings that were areas of netball that are important or areas that interest me. I chose 10 subheadings these were Coaching, Training, Fitness, Diet, Fitness Components in Netball, Income, Positions, Jobs, reaching a professional level and also Umpiring. This task then involved me adding to each subheading to…

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