Importance Of Dodging In Netball

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Dodging enables changes of direction to take place within a game of netball. When performed correctly, a dodge challenges the defending player, making it more difficult to obstruct and intercept the played ball. It can cause the dynamics of the game to change completely, allowing you to avoid the defender by a sudden quick movement. I play wing attack, and occasionally goal attack, therefore it is my job to pass the ball up the court and into our goal. In order to do this, I regularly break free from my defending player by using either a single, double or sprint dodge.
Within gameplay I use quick footwork to trick my opponent into moving one way. By outpacing my player, it enables me to receive the passed ball and think about my following pass without interception. Once I have my opponent off balance and unsure of which direction I am moving, I can set off into another direction to receive the pass.
I have developed my ability to dodge within gameplay throughout my 7 years of play, enabling my confidence to grow, as well as my technical potential. I
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Agility is the ability to move quickly and easily while maintaining control, a key part to dodging. The ability to be agile is essential when dodging around an opponent, therefore netball players need to have high levels of agility. Agility is a combination of both speed and flexibility. Agile and fast movement enables smooth gameplay.
Being able to dodge a defending player in attempt to receive a passed ball allows the ball to move swiftly up the court. It is important for me, as a netball player, to have a certain level of skill in dodging, as defenders will be marking strong and close to me, making it difficult for me to break free to receive a pass. If I am able to trick them into becoming unsure of my direction of movement, it allows other players on my team to become free also, therefore resulting in longer possession of the

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