Netball Case Study

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Access and Equity at Brisbane State High School

An individual’s decision to participate in a particular sport can often be influenced by contributing social factors that can directly and indirectly shape their opinions with respect to that specific sport (Houlihan et al 2008). Such factors can be illustrated and understood utilising Figueroa’s framework, outlining exactly how they can influence and impact one’s decisions (Amezdroz et al 2010). Netball is an enjoyable yet highly competitive game requiring a large set of skills, excellent fitness levels and that of endurance levels, which is acquired through long periods of practice and training (Netball Australia et al 2015). Restriction due to limited availability of appropriate facilities
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The consequential pressure directly impacts my ability to uphold my passion for netball and my enjoyment in the game. Although sport as an overall is greatly valued at State High, it is evident that the school holds academia as its top priority. The application of Provisional Overall Position (OP) meetings throughout the duration of senior schooling, academic performance reviews for struggling students, and a reward system and acknowledgment of academically high achieving students with Award pockets reinforces and promotes an educational and high-achieving culture throughout the school. Furthermore, the school’s motto, “Scientia est Potestas”, translated to “Knowledge is Power”, holds true to State High’s value in academic excellence, acting as further reinforcement to encourage academic prosperity amongst all year levels. Research suggests that implementations or strategies within an institution, similar to the school’s academic reviews, reward systems and motto, can effectively reinforce values and influence individuals (Fyfe & Figueroa, 1993), therefore the school’s value in academia, as a socialising factor, can influence my decisions with respect to my engagement in netball and furthermore, the school’s provision of more opportunities to …show more content…
On an interpersonal level of Figueroa’s framework, other socialising factors influencing my lack of participation in netball include expectations and attitudes posed by not only the school but family members as well with respect to priorities concerning sports and academia. As a result of consistent excellence in regards to my academia, the standard of achievement within that particular aspect of my schooling holds a higher value to my parents in comparison to that of my sporting achievement. Consequently, I am influenced and encouraged by my parents and family to spend a large amount of time completing schoolwork and studying to broaden my academic ability. According to M. R. Weiss from the University of Virginia, parental influence is a significant social factor that can impact a child’s decision to participate or not to participate in a sport. Appeasing my parents and expectation of upholding State High’s culture of academic excellence creates a significant impact on my capability to make time for participating in netball and subsequently causes for limitations in relation to my opportunity to enjoy the game. The implementation of lunchtime netball games will enable me, personally, to increase my participation in the game as well as increase my opportunity to continue my enjoyment when

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