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  • The Theme Of Corruption In The Road By Cormac Mccarthy

    In the post-apocalyptic novel The Road by Cormac McCarthy, McCarthy outlines a gray desolate story about and man and his son travelling a road riddled with macabre obstacles to reach the Southern Coast. The man and the boy begin travelling because it will soon be winter, and winter will be especially inclement, the world is covered in ash, which creates a dark blanket over the Earth. For, before the birth of the boy a never identified catastrophe ravaged the earth with fire, leaving few survivors. The few remaining are either savage cannibals or starving in the fruitless land, the boy and the man are usually starving yet never resort to cannibalism therefore maintaining remnants of the morals seen in the worlds lost society. Throughout the novel ,The Road, McCarthy injects dynamic diction, stirring imagery, and assailant religious symbolism to iterate the theme of morals being able to survive within only the strongest individuals while for others humanity becomes subject to destruction and vile interpretations in an uncivilised world rampant with the horrors of cannibalism and starvation, The world that the man and the boy live within is an amoral nightmare where some travellers have “eyes collared in cups of grime” and carry barbaric “lengths of pipe”.In the first truefully frightening scene the Man and the boy are found hiding by a “wiry and rachitic” man . This man is travelling with a posse of cannibals along the road, and in an attempt to not be shot by the man and have…

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  • And Punctuation In Cormac Mccarthy's The Road

    The Road, a story of the nameless father and son “survivors” (55) in a world of nothingness, is told in such a distinctive way that their bond and true exertions to survive are relayed effortlessly to readers without even noticing. After an abrupt, unexplained end of the world, the father and son are two of very few survivors left on Earth. Their struggle is evident through cannibalistic encounters, the suicide of the man’s wife and the boy’s mother, and the sole battle between life and death…

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  • Personal Narrative: Why God Let The Earthquake In Haiti

    Why does God let the earthquake in Haiti happened? I think about it all the time and that I still cannot realize the explanation why God let it happened. This earthquake modified the entire country and alter many of us lives. I’m one amongst the individuals whose life I have been modified when the earthquake. it had been January twelfth on the evening, I was playing soccer with a number of my friends, we tend to were having fun, however when a few minutes of enjoying we tend to felt just like…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life During Third Grade

    My life during third grade was like many other children. I would go to school Monday thru Friday and come home every day and complete my homework and then spend time with friends, watching TV, or playing in my room. Every Friday that I would come home from school and have my piano lesson and then relax. That was everyday routine, but one cold Friday afternoon changed my routine for the rest of my life. On a cold Friday in the middle of February, I returned home from school and expected to have…

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