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  • Argumentative Essay: Is Digital Access A Right?

    internet (Digital Divide). Surprisingly, seventy percent of the world does not have access to the internet or opportunities to operate technologies such as computers and smart phones (Zickhur). In America, one in five people do not use the internet (Zickhur). Without digital access they are left without the skills needed to prosper in a growing technological world. Advocating equal electronic rights could not be any more important than it is today, because a lack of digital access is a lack of knowledge. Digital access opens the doors for improvement…

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  • Negative Effects Of Technology On Human Race

    We are known as the digital native 's, if you put all of us together on an island we would honestly not know how to survive. Ever since we were children there have been cell phones, or computers to distract us when we were bored. You then have the digital immigrants who are now adults that grew up with out technology and had to learn how to communicate with it as they got older. People born in the digital native era have a different kind of knowledge then digtal immigrants do. There are two…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Digital Literacy

    need for digital literacy has fallen way to the need for digital literacies. Fortunately Allan Martin in Digital Literacies for Learning puts it in more measured and useful terms, with a focus to enable educators. “Enabling education in a digital environment means not only changing the form in which learning opportunities are offered, but also enabling students to survive and prosper in digitally-based learning environments… Traditional notions of literacy need to be challenged, and new…

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  • The Importance Of Writing An Ebook

    can start from the Amazon kindle eBook marketplace. Browse around and view a number of trending and popular eBooks. Make a list of all trending eBooks and make a note of their corresponding genre. Decide upon the genre from the list. Do not go changing the genre each time you write an eBook. Decide a genre and stick to it. Flood the genre with a new and constant stream of quality contents. Although everyone says not to judge a book by its cover, it is the first thing that customers and readers…

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  • Summary: My Response To Ritchin And Balsamo

    My Response to Ritchin and Balsamo. From the four reads of the week by Ritchin and Balsamo, my main takeaway from Ritchin was the advancement of digital photography and how it has made it easier for photographers to tell their story through imagery, plus the added effect that tells a false story and Balsamo the unconscious consequence of technological innovations on culture. “Photography, as we have known it, is both ending and enlarging, with an evolving medium hidden inside it as in a…

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  • Bill Gates: Business @ The Speed Of Thought

    Gates starts right on the backbone of what businesses should do with information. Establish a digital nervous system as Bill Gates says, will free up space for businesses to easily gather, use, and analyze information. Bill Gates uses an example of how Alfred P. Sloan Jr. gathers and uses information…

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  • Tortar Essay

    the company still as an old fashioned media print company and not a digital media company. You have asked me for recommendations on how to re-invent the brand of Torstar and I have come up with three concepts for doing so. First, you must seek out brand inspiration from successful companies who have effectively re-invented their brand. Next, you will conduct a brand makeover and…

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  • Pros And Disadvantages: Advantages Of The E-Book Reader

    searches provide additional value to the user. For the success of e-book readers it is necessary to target the audience based on usage and age groups as this will help us marketing our devices in different manner to them and earn maximum market. They are: • High usage users of age 35-50 who can use it to read subscriptions along with books. • Younger low usage users who will be using their smartphones frequently & e-book readers for reading books. Publishers & E-books: • E-books have opened a…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Rights Management In The Music Industry

    ANALYSIS Advantages As stated before, Digital Rights Management is very prominent in the entertainment business. DRM technologies are widely used in the music distribution business. The music industry in general has a fairly positive opinion about DRM as most music distributors claim that DRM help them safeguard their precious time and money investment. Since the music companies are being protected from piracy, they actually return profits out of their sales. This enables them to invest in…

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  • AMZ Promoter: Article Analysis

    any store, physical or digital, without a group of buyers in place, you’re not going to move any merchandise. The single most tried and true method of driving traffic is with an email list. By building an email list, you’re creating a buyer base that hopefully won’t just be interested in your products, but become repeat customers. Unfortunately, you can’t just ask Amazon for a list of user emails;…

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