Business At The Speed Of Thought By Bill Gates

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Bill Gates is known to the world as the richest man alive. The reasons why I think he exceeds in business are found in his book, Business @ the Speed of Thought. The book was released around 1999 where all businesses began to grow exponentially. This book was also on the New York Times bestseller list in 1999. Bill Gates discusses many ways that implementing technologies in business will the future of businesses. The very first chapter, Bill Gates starts right on the backbone of what businesses should do with information. Establish a digital nervous system as Bill Gates says, will free up space for businesses to easily gather, use, and analyze information. Bill Gates uses an example of how Alfred P. Sloan Jr. gathers and uses information …show more content…
The speed of getting a product or service to the market is vital for every business. The speed of getting delivery information and real time interaction with customers is crucial for success. Digital technology enables you the just that. We need to get away from paper offices to paperless in order to be fast. The lead of e-commerce is speed, no doubt. However, identity thief and stolen credit cards are common known internet crimes that modern people recognizes. Practicing business over the internet is fast and convenient but also comes with security concerns. Security or privacy should be the number one priority between businesses and its customers. Therefore, companies must offer the maximum security for their customers and be alert of any faults in the system. In the last section of the book, Gates reminds that going digital is great for your business. Technology gives flexibility and companies should embrace it. The Asian financial crisis of 1998 example was how digital information help to restore any financial market overnight. The computers can back up the digital data of all kinds and store it safely somewhere around the world. Information technology can get important data to anyone and anywhere if they have internet

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