Netball Game Analysis

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The sport I have decided to choose is netball and the position is Goal Keeper (GK).
The main task of the Goal Keeper is to defend the goal, to prevent the ball from making it to the goal circle and to stop a goal from being scored. The contrasting opponent is the Goal Shooter.
Key tactics – Goal Keeper:
• Close defence of the goal shooter.
• Work well/communicate with the Goal Defence in the goal circle.
• Defence
• Catch the rebound/missed goals.
• Be quick in order to intercept balls from the opponents.
• Being tall is a bonus.
It is very important for the goal keeper to be aware of what is happening in front of them. This will allow them to read the game and attacking teams’ movements and anticipate any interceptions.

Different components
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The defence from your team is crucial in the circle and therefore reaction time is extremely important. The goal keeper must be fully aware to avoid any penalties and goals.
• Power – The goal keeper needs to have a lot of power to jump and reach to intercept passes from the other team. The defending positions should be able to jump at a reasonable height in order to catch the ball before the opposing side can do so.
• Agility – due to the small space inside the circle and the game moving so fast, it is important to be able to change direction very quickly.
• Speed – to move around quickly in order to intercept the opponents passes
• Flexibility – allows for further movement to receive the ball from your team mates.
• Stamina – in order to play a game for the full 45mins.
• Muscular endurance – games are long (normally 45mins of playing time) so therefor it is quite important to have a good muscular endurance level, especially if there is no reserve to play your position at half
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He/she then jumps up into the air and returns to the floor. The athlete repeats this continuously for 15 times, for 5 sets. This will strengthen the power in the legs and will help the player reach/jump higher.


Equipment needed: netball ball Stop watch
Position two lines of opposing players along the court in a straight line.
The GK faces the back wall (away from court) throws the ball up in the air rotates, catches it and passes it onto the next player.
Once the ball has reached the end of the court, repeat and pass back to the goal keeper.

Record how quickly your team can achieve this without dropping the ball. Record this every time they do this activity and take note of their improvement. A penalty of 5 seconds may be added if the team drops the ball.


Equipment needed: Cones/Markers Tape measure
Set two cones 20 metres apart. Have the players (one by one) sprint from cone A to cone B, jog back to cone A after sprint and repeat the exercise. Repeat the set 8 times before giving players a two minute rest.
Repeat this exercise 4

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