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  • Theatre Performance Review

    The World Goes Round at Theatre UCF was a spectacular conglomeration of musical performances that were brought to life through excellent acting and use of lighting. Throughout my years as a student I have seen a plethora of plays ranging from high school productions to off-off Broadway. Walking into this production I expected the same level of performance as in my local community college (with a slightly bigger budget). However, after the first song I knew that I was going to be proven wrong.…

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  • Wind Ensemble Spring Concert Report

    involved in musical performances and fine arts events were just as important as sports or anything of that sort. I can’t thank them enough for inputting this view into my life as it has given me a true appreciation for music, theatre, and any other live presentation of the arts. For some, attending a live performance could be a drag, but to me it is quite the opposite. Tuesday at the Martha-Ellen Tye Recital Hall was no exception as I attended the recital for Iowa State’s Wind Ensemble Spring…

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  • Music Education In Middle School Essay

    When a student reaches Middle School age the freedom starts to run rapid. Learning musical concepts establishes self-discipline as well as the standard requirement for behavior. According to a college professor, "musical learning and performance has these values [which] include [ones] [need] to learn and be self disciplined to practice, take instruction and criticism[...] (Petress). Musical learning on a child requires them to establish the mentality to discipline themselves enough to…

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  • Violin And The Classical Era

    The Renaissance period was the birth of the violin, and it became introduced to the musical realm through dance and folk music. Violins had a massive transitional period during the Classical era, which gave the violin its standard shape and composers such as Beethoven and Haydn used them extensively throughout their music. The Modern period…

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  • Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story: American Musical

    Research Essay Portfolio Task 5 Leonard Bernstein’s “West Side Story”-1957 is a landmark composition in the development of the American musical and it took many years for the idea to be developed into a musical. They had the idea of writing a deep meaning musical which would show people what real life was all about. The original idea was for a Jewish girl and a Catholic boy to fall in love. This theme however changed when the Puerto Ricans moved into New York and the story line was altered to…

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  • Evanston Ethnic Arts Festival

    international cuisine, and live music by several performers. I got to experience the diversity of arts and culture from all over the world. I went there mainly to listen to one of the music performers named, Saraswathi Ranganathan, along with her ensemble of Raga Blues that consisted of guests that included origins from India, Africa and Spain- Morikeba played the African Kora, Mamadou Tama played the Senegalese Tama and finally, Carlo Basile played the Flamenco guitar. The performance started…

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  • Analysis Of The Musical Rent

    the musical was created in the hopes of representing the minute bohemian culture of New York City at the end of the 20 century who were confronted with impoverishment, HIV and homosexuality. Going against traditional musical theatre…

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  • Chorus Candlelight Concert Report

    What does this mean, why is it special or uncanny for an entire ensemble to be made up of exclusively women? What does music do to change implications and assumptions on this matter? What are we expecting? This entire situation I found myself in seemed to be nothing more than a happy accident. KaeRenae Mitchell emailed me mid-semester to…

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  • Strayer-Wood Theater Analysis

    switched to worry when I became aware of the creative changes the cast and crew were taking. Even with my worried about the effectiveness of the delivery of the musicals moral, I did my best to attend the performance with an open mind, and not compare UNI’s production to any other performance. By just experiencing the first few minutes of the musical I was clear to me that it was a college production. Each character had a depth and purpose unlike what typical high school…

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  • Music In The Modern Era

    that is reminiscent of the past. While new music is continuously produced, there is a desire to keep the musical pieces created by our ancestors alive. To honor the past, some artists have created new music that reflects the classical and baroque styles. In these pieces, the artists are free to use whichever instruments they please to create their musical effect. When a non-early music ensemble performs non-early music in the modern era, they tend to use the combination of both modern…

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