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  • College Admissions Essay: My Obsession With Music

    I joined the Chorus and the Vocal Ensemble at the high school and continued to try and better myself as a musician. My music department also offered me other musical opportunities such as festivals. I have attended several festivals such as the Lakes Region music festival and the All New England music festival. These festivals allowed me to come…

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  • Music Analysis: Jiangnan Sizhu

    Jessica Liu MUSI 2361 Paper One: Jiangnan sizhu The term sizhu is a musical term that has been used all throughout history in East Asian countries especially Taiwan and China, which describes what the instruments in the genre are made of. Si meaning silk, which is what the strings are made up of in string instruments, and zhu meaning bamboo, which is what the wind instruments in Jiangnan sizhu, are made of. Despite the fact that sizhu is used in different countries, Jiangnan is a “geographical…

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  • Concert Review Sample

    it was not performed in a church again but only in concert halls. The purpose of the concert I attended was to entertain the audience with a story of the music. The melody was played by the musical instruments in this piece and it remained quite constant, only changing in dynamics with the rest of the ensemble. The melody did jump back and forth between the only the instruments, the instruments and chorus and the instruments and soloists. The chorus was the harmony for the majority of the time.…

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  • The Little Mermaid

    On November 11th, I saw “The Little Mermaid” at St. Ignatius College Prep. The musical was composed by Alan Menken and directed by Kevin Bellie. There was an array of songs however, I chose to review the pieces “Part of Your World,” “She’s in Love,” “Her Voice,” “Under the Sea,” and “Kiss the Girl.” Although there was no live pit orchestra however, I was thoroughly impressed by the musicianship and creative liberties the cast took on the songs. The first solo, “Part of Your World,” was…

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  • Reflection Of Weep No More By David N. Childs

    For this final project, several classmates and I have assembled an eight-part vocal ensemble, accompanied by a pianist. We have chosen a piece that also has eight-parts, to add variety and layers on the basis of each vocal part. This piece we are performing as an ensemble is titled “Weep No More,” arranged and composed by David N. Childs, and adapted from a poem by John Keats. David N. Childs is a well-known freelance composer of music, with his ideology being, “music has the power to transform…

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  • Research Paper On Meeta Pandit

    her hands. Meeta Pandit appeared to use musical gestures with her hands to signify different ragas or tones. Meeta utilized her hands as a tala for signaling rhythms to the table player. Furthermore, Metta Pandit’s hand gestures to me were telling or guiding the audience through a story. Which has great…

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  • Arabian Waltz Song Analysis Essay

    The Melting Pot I choose the “Arabian Waltz” by the Silk Road Ensemble as my song. This group is composed of “distinguished musicians, composers and performing artists from more than 20 countries around the world to celebrate, explore and experiment with a wide variety of cultural approaches to musical performances” (The Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma: Live from Tanglewood). At the beginning of the piece I felt very serene with just a couple of instruments playing. However, when all the…

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  • Steve Reich's Music Analysis

    was that he would study the rhythmic structure of African music and apply it for his music rather than going to buy a bunch of exotic looking instrument and setting up African-ish music in New York. He believed that if the influence of non-Western musical structures would pervade into the western composers’ thought and their works adequately, it would provoke much more interesting and veritable form of influence instead of just imitating their…

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  • Personal Narrative: Music Appreciation

    I am a part-time orchestral conductor and percussionist. As a passionate musician, I always enjoy learning, practicing, performing, and appreciating music fascinating. Throughout my musical experience, I encountered a lot of thought-provoking questions. How did I receive and interpret information during each rehearsal? Why did repetitive practicing make it possible for me to play a repertoire without looking at music score? What made professional orchestra able to have less rehearsal than a…

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  • Analysis Of Xerxes By John Mackey

    The next musical work performed by the Alabama Concert Band was entitled Xerxes by John Mackey. This piece begins in a very disjointed and seemingly unappealing way, as the low brass and percussion begin with a homophonic rhythm. The tempo is one of moderato, as it is not fast, yet all slow either. All of the notes are staccato and separate from neighboring notes, which creates a sound that may seem strange or odd at first listen. It is written in a chromatic key, with no clear major or…

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