Wind Band History Essay

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The tradition of concert, or wind bands has developed so much over many centuries and eras in the world of music. There is a lot of evidence of some instruments, like trumpets, drums, and horns. Although these early uses of instruments were mostly used for signs of battle or war, and not music. It took about until the 17th Century that a band was considered a group of musicians, or something near. At that time, to the people there; there wasn’t really a difference between a band and an orchestra. In the 16th Century and 17th century there were ensembles of music that are sometimes considered the predecessor to the band tradition. Those were municipal, town, or tower musicians.
In armies or music related to the military, the 16th and 17th Centuries were also the start of creating standards to the ensembles. At first the military just hired random musicians for instructions and leading. At one point during the 16th and 17th Century, people
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It has also gone through many hardships. Even eras of music and evolution have affected the wind ensembles. The history of the modern wind band all really originated with Beethoven (1770-1827), Berlioz (1802-1869), and Wagner (1813-1883). Beethoven’s band only had a few important instruments, the bassoon, the oboe, and the piccolo. The trombone later joined with a variety of bells, and tones. The bands now had 4 different parts of brass.
A very important influence in the late 1800’s were the saxophones. They came in different ways, mostly soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone sax. The bands of the late 1800’s had a wide range of use for saxophones.
Bands in the U.S at the time were mostly military music, unlike Europe, at the time, the U.S had a full band. This was because of the increase of instruction to the music and more interest in it. These bands were to give hope to everyone that heard it. It affected the U.S a lot in many ways especially in

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