Wobbly World Analysis

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I love going out to concerts and art shows to see what local artist are out there. It is always nice to relate to an artist that remind of us of home. For this critical analysis, I decided to go watch Wobbly World with Freddy Clarke, a Jazz, Funk, and World Music Band, on September 26, 2015 at the Sausalito Seahorse in Marin County, California. The band members consist of Freddy Clarke, Bouchaib Abdelhadi, Erick Barberia, Georges Lammam, Marc van Wageningen, and Colin Douglas. Wobbly World is a world music band founded by Freddy Clarke that brings together all nations into a musical collaboration. Wobbly World takes musical traditions from all over the world and creates pieces with influence from Africa, Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Denmark, Iran, …show more content…
The theme of the band, Wobbly World, is jazz, funk, and world music. With that in mind, the band keeps to its roots and originality, producing music with a variety of different worldviews and musical influence. A “Perfect World” starts out with an Arabic influence playing the Kanoon. The Kanoon is an instrument closely related to the harp consisting of 26 strings and single bridge, giving this song uniqueness. The lyrics in this song are very straightforward and sending out a message of love between two people. Love is theme that everyone can connect with making this song easily relatable to everyone in the audience and people listening worldwide. The tempo of the song went from fast paced instrumentals to slower paced vocals. While the vocals came in, the instrumentals began to slow down to focus more on the lyrics itself. The vocals of the song went back and forth from English to Arabic giving the song itself a nice flow and steady pattern. The timbre of the main artist singing, Clarke, was loud and distinct. It was easily detectable that the main singer was Clarke because the tone of his singing. The song had loud dynamics, which was great for the environment the concert was held in. The form of the song was verse and chorus, meaning that there was a verse proceeded on by the chorus. The melody of the song was conjunct, meaning it had small intervals. These short intervals gave the instruments a chance to shine. Along with the Kanoon, the drums also played a prominent role in this single providing the song with a steady beat. The texture of this song showed that all these different types of instruments and voices from the world could come together harmoniously. The vocalist and instruments complimented each other throughout the whole

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