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  • Music Education Autobiography

    Since elementary school, I was fascinated with learning about music, and I have also had some unforgettable experiences with teaching and leading various musical groups. I know that I have learned life lessons and valuable skills from my experiences. Even though I might not be certain about my decision quite yet, I am glad to be on the path to becoming a music…

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  • Theatre Narrative

    While auditioning for these productions became routine, the roles I played were quite difficult. In the musical, Lucky stiff, I played a dead body that had to pretend that I was alive and be carried around the stage. As well, for the play, Departures and Arrivals, one of the characters I had to play was an old man. Because of this role I portrayed I won an…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Non-Music Majors Or Minors

    Being involved with the music department isn’t just for music majors or minors. There are many opportunities for the campus community to take part in the benefits of music through lessons, ensembles and performances. For those that enjoy music but do not sing or play an instrument themselves, Luke Carlson, assistant professor of music, said there are a variety of concerts and performances every semester they can attend. “Some of the audience members we get are family members,” Carlson said,…

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  • Enkb Analysis

    in Table ( ef{tSISp}) for ensemble sizes of $10$, $25$ and $50$, and compared it to a particle filter having a particle (ensemble) size of $50$ $100$ and $500$ and $1000$ by computing the mean square error (MSE) of the estimate of $x_n$ as egin{equation} MSE = frac{1}{M}sumlimits_{n=1}^{M}(x_n-{hat x}_n)^2 label{MSE} end{equation} Figure ( ef{figure1}) shows the plot of one realization of the estimate obtained from EnKF of ensemble size $50$ and particle filter of ensemble size $1000$.…

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  • West Side Story: Music Analysis

    From the origin of the American musical, a variety of creative teams have developed many methods to popularize now memorable shows. These methods were considered integral in the formula for developing the musical and were later deemed “conventional”. Composers and lyricists throughout the years eventually adapted these conventions and have created some of the most successful shows that are still relevant to this day, including Sweeney Todd and Les Misérables. Some of those inspirational…

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  • Cajun Folk Music Analysis

    Programming repertoire for an ensemble is one of the most important aspects of one’s job as a conductor or director. Not only is this facet an important quality to have, but it is also a necessary staring point on the road to a wonderful performance. In this rationale, we will elaborate on a hypothetical approach to this necessary process with an imaginary high school group. General Context The imaginary group, called the Applevalley High School Symphonic Wind Band, is an ensemble of around…

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  • Music Analysis: Gamelan Music

    Gamelan Music (Gam-a-lawn) is the traditional ensemble music of the islands of Java and Bali in Indonesia. These ensembles consist largely of percussive instruments. With different variations of gongs, mallet instruments, and drums, each instrument is struck with a mallet to produce a metallic/percussive sound. Each Gamelan Ensemble has a different style and can incorporate different percussive instruments, string instruments, and voice. This gives each Gamelan a unique texture. Gamelans…

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  • Personal Narrative: Assisting To A Baroque Orchestra

    The event that I decided to go was BYU Baroque Ensemble, a production made by BYU students, taking place at Madsen Recital Hall Harris Fine Arts Center on November 3. The idea of making a baroque orchestra is where musician get together to make a perfect composition of music, the baroque orchestra is made up mostly of stringed instruments, when you listen you feel something different that makes you see it from another perspective, you just can’t stop listening and focus on every note that the…

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  • The Great Comet Of 1812 Play Analysis

    were significantly discounted and right at my disposal, of course I took the opportunity to go. When the show was announced, I was very excited as I had heard a lot of buzz about the musical. First of all, it stars Josh Groban in his debut on Broadway, which obviously would direct a lot of attention towards the musical. Additionally, I have heard from multiple people that the Female lead, Deneé Benton, is very much in the running this year for receiving a Tony award. Further, before I got the…

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  • Rhythmic Breakdown Analysis

    To achieve this, the conductor must possess qualities in order to guide properly his/her ensemble/choir. Qualities of a good Conductor 1. He/should basically read music. You cannot get all through by just listening into it, but by knowing how to read, you can get all the details of the elements of music. 2. He should at least play the keyboard…

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