Reflection Of Music At San Jose State University Wind Ensemble Performance

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On December 3rd, at 7:30 PM, I had the opportunity to go see San Jose State University’s wind ensemble performance. The wind ensemble consisted of people who played piccolos, flutes, oboes, bassoons, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, horns, trombones, tubas, the triangle, the xylophone, the double bass, and finally, the piano. The wind ensemble performance was conducted by Paul Herrera. Accompanying the band was Michael Martinez, a well-known soprano saxophone soloist.
The venue itself took place in San Jose State University’s Music Concert Hall. The stage was set up with a piano, xylophone, the conductor’s stand, and chairs separated by rows where the majority of the performers will be seated. Each performer and the conductor was dressed in formal orchestral wear. The program consisted four pieces: Overture to Candide (1956), The Descending Blue (2013), Concerto for Soprano Sax and Wind Ensemble (2007), and Riff Raff (2012). On the other hand, the amount of spectators during that evening were in great numbers. The audience consisted of elderly
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What sparked my interest on this piece was due to the phase changes. The beginning starts off as a slow-paced, calming, and nostalgic melody. But then it gradually changes to a more dramatic and majestic melody. Although there are two different phrases within the piece, a peculiar technique that made this piece even more interesting is the use of the ‘wave form’- a form whereby a simple, recurring musical object serves as the jumping-off point for a series of contrasting musical vignettes. Personally speaking. I felt that the triangle was that recurring musical object in the piece as it had a very distinct sound and it added a sense of warning before the piece changes in rhythm and mood. It forced me to predict when the next phrase change is about to happen, which I like because I find enjoyment in predicting what will happen

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