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  • Theme Of Belonging In To Kill A Mockingbird

    How is the notion of belonging explored through the people, place or culture in Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird ? There are many elements that contribute to a sense of belonging; one can have an understanding of places and acceptance of culture, but belonging ultimately comes from the connections to other people. In Harper Lee 's novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, the experiences of belonging are shown through the characters, the setting, and the culture of the small town of Maycomb. Lee’s novel…

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  • Explorer Persuasive Essay

    people brush past the chance to grow and choose instant gratification over long term satisfaction. Marco Polo is not much different than the average American, other than the fact that he spends time on the important aspects of life. Vive sans temps mort was the slogan for the Parisian Political Party which means: “Live without wasted time.” To live life without wasted time requires intense motivation. This is the second quality of all great explorers in history. Curiosity can only go far…

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  • Dark Wave Research Paper

    Dark wave is a remarkable music genre that started gaining popularity in the late 1970s in Germany and. This genre of music was brought to the forefront in the early 1980s and it owed its success to the new generation of artists who dared to experiment with post-punk and new wave music. Dark wave music got bigger over that decade and remains as relevant even till this day. Over the 50 years there were numerous solo Dark Wave solo artists and bands that boosted the Dark wave and brought it to the…

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  • Role Of Transwomen In Modern Media

    trans-woman character, Sophia Burset. In addition, the portrait of transgender experience is very pervasive in the content of films and TV shows, including the TV series Transparent as a close representation of transgender experience of the father character, Mort. Through these popular media portrayals, we can easily identify the discrimination and bias received by trans-women in our…

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  • Controversi Symphony Orchestra Concert Report Sample

    The organist, who succeed Duruflé as organist at Saint-Ėtienne-du-Mort in Paris, displayed his virtuosity in a wide-ranging improvisation of “The Swan” from “Carnival of the Animals.” (Organ aficionados no doubt wished that Music Hall’s historic Hook & Hastings pipe organ was still in the hall, especially for his amazing…

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  • The Secret Window Movie Analysis

    The Secret Window movie is a 2004 American psychological thriller which displays the issue of split personality of the main character. In the movie the writer Mort Rainey played by Johnny Depp is going through a divorce from his spouse. He moves to upstate New York to his cabin to be alone. Rainey is trying to stay mentally healthy but instead he is being harassed by John Shooter who claims Rainey plagiarized his work. Rainey ignores the strange man at first but then a series of events start…

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  • CW: Death, Vague Religious Themes

    ((CW: Death, Vague religious themes, possible graphic descriptions of death (not within prompt), coping with the afterlife, etc. Modern Morbid Supernatural AU wherein Dirk is a reaper upon a pale horse, and due to his frequent difficulties harvesting souls on account of him not being a particularly People Friendly dude, he’s gotten assigned to train another reaper (y/c). The cause of death for your character is entirely up to you, and if you’d like to do some ooc worldbuilding or plot-planning…

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  • Monty Python And The Holy Grail Analysis

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail was produced in 1975 by directors Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones. It is a comedy on the quest by Arthur and his knights to find the holy grail. While the movie isn't fully accurate the changes were made to make the movie more enjoyable for the audience. The movie says much about both the middle ages and audience's view of that period in history. It's important to realize that Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a comedy and therefore has no obligation to be…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Observation At Ecoff Elementary School

    What is your biggest fear? Do you let this phobia affect your everyday life? My biggest fear was performing in front of an audience and I used to let this prevent me from doing what I love, singing. You should not allow performance anxiety be the cause of your discontinued performing days. It is December 15, 2013 and I am anxiously lingering at Ecoff Elementary School. Tonight will be the first time I perform on stage in front of hundreds of people; In fact, it is my first time performing in…

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  • Oedipus The King Speech Analysis

    Le roi est mort, vive le roi, the people say except for perhaps when the new king is the source of your cities calamity. In Oedipus the King, the brightest and the best are capable of seizing the throne: they just need beat a mythical beast that has captured a city. An unfamiliar concept to modern audiences who are only familiar with the romantic methods of the son –or daughter in recent history– claiming the crown upon their patriarch’s death. Or perhaps, if a society is lucky, or unlucky…

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