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  • BP1: The Scientific Method

    MT: The scientific method is the best method for determining what the universe around us is and how it works, this is provable based on the amount of evidence science has provided for the claims it has, while other methods rely on “faith” which by definition means you believe something without evidence. BP1: The scientific method has led to the conclusion that based on what we know about the state of the universe today we can demonstrate that the universe must have began with a singularity(a…

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  • Fascination Research Paper

    Countless numbers of inventions are created by accident and on purpose. Such as sticky notes, potato chips, and the microwave oven. Unfortunately, many inventions were failures. These inventions were the wooden bathing suits, the snowstorm masks, and hairline brushes for bald men. Some of these inventions went up in fame and some went down without a mark. Many of inventions have blew up in fame by accident so many times. These are the accidental genius inventions. Fascinating inventions can be…

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  • Compare The Cross Price Elasticity Of Demand

    demand elasticity for advertising = 0.20 (10,000/17650) = 0.1133 Calculate the cross-price elasticity of demand = 20 (600/17650) = 0.6798 Calculate the income elasticity of demand = 5.2 (5500/17650) = 1.6203 Calculate the demand elasticity for Microwave = 0.25 (5000/17650) = .0708 Question 2: The price elasticity of demand is -1.1898, 1 in absolute value (elastic)…

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  • Photographic Satellite Essay

    have the ability to transmit the digital images quickly and reliably to earth. The discussion below will support the design for a nuclear powered “spy” photographic satellite in low earth orbit, possessing a10-meter telescopic mirror, and using microwaves to transmit photographic data to earth. Location: There are four orbits…

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  • My Grandma's Chicken N Noodles

    When you get together with family it never fails that there will be food involved. Food has become the center of our social gatherings. From tailgates to holidays food make has become a part of how we socialize with others. Food provides a mutual buffer in uncomfortable situations between individuals. The importance of food for my family in particular is no different. With people traveling hours upon hours for a meal and a day’s worth of socialization the classic dish of chicken n’ noodles is…

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  • Jatropha Cuurca Case Study

    extraction technique is soxhlet extraction and maceration. This techniques require a large amount of solvent, time consuming and possible degradation of target compound due to overheating (Schmook and Serralta-Peraza, 1997). Microwave Assisted Extraction (MAE) and Ultrasonic-Assisted Extraction (UAE) is a modern extraction techniques that are much efficient and…

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  • Experiments In Delicious Sauce Recipe

    BEEF MEATBALLS IN DELICIOUS SAUCE SERVES 4 PREPARATION TIME 15 MINUTES COOKING TIME 25 MINUTES INGREDIENTS 1 lb. ground beef 2 organic eggs 2 tsp. minced garlic SAUCE: 1 tsp. olive oil ½ cup chopped onion ¼ cup chopped tomato 2 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce ½ tsp. nutmeg ¼ tsp. salt ½ tsp. pepper ¾ cup low sodium beef broth INSTRUCTIONS 1. Preheat an oven to 250°F then coat a casserole dish with cooking spray. 2. Combine ground beef with eggs and minced garlic then shape into small balls…

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  • Process Essay: How To Make Puppy Breaks

    Have you ever come home from school or practice and thought “wow, we have nothing to eat in this house!” I have a solution for you. Puppy chow is one of the easiest snacks to make that takes less than 10 minutes to make. Before anything else, you will need to gather your ingredients: Chex cereal, semi-sweet chocolate chips, peanut butter, butter, and powdered sugar. Along with your ingredients, make sure you have a large bowl to mix things in, and something to make those ingredients with, and a…

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  • Short Story Of Chunky The Chocolate Bar

    my friend. He hugs them. “Come over here! Gary says. “There’s a recipe on my box!” “Awesome!” Madison and Chunky reply. Let’s go over to the microwave and put ourselves together. First, Gary the Graham Cracker goes on the bottom after we break him in half, then Chunky the Chocolate Bar, and finally Madison the Marshmallow goes on top! Put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, and take it out. Put the other half of Gary the Graham Cracker on top and we all became friends to make a s’more. Yay!…

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  • Hydrolysis Of Empty Fruit Bunches Of Palm Oil Case Study

    ABSTRACT Elaeis guineensis is a species of palm generally called African oil palm, and it can reach the height of 20 m or more at maturity. The oil palm is major importance in Africa as a multi-purpose tree where it supplies medicines, foods and many other products to the local population. Elaeis guineensis is rapidly becoming one of the world's most planted plants, being grown especially for its oil-bearing seeds and fruits. Usually 23 kg is the average weight of each bunch but a bunch may up…

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