Microwaving Research Paper

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Microwaving – Simple and Healthy Cooking Technique
If eating healthy means following a boring diet that’s bland, unvaried, and devoid of any zest, then there is no point in eating at all. You won’t last long in your diet program with flavorless meals. Actually, you don’t have to do this to yourself. Your idea of a healthy lifestyle should be to eat nutritious food without compromising on flavor. This isn’t a fanciful idea. There are plenty of cooking methods that bring out the taste in food without compromising on health. Today, we’ll discuss Microwaving – a simple method that relies less on unhealthy fat, but focuses on retaining the nutrients in food.
Microwaving – Simple and Healthy Cooking
Microwaving is considered by many to be the
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In microwaving, there is direct action on the food. The waves that the oven emits work on each food molecule, heat them up, and cook food from inside out. Cooking this way is easy, quick, and all sections of the dish get uniformly done. Additionally, microwaving reduces the need for excess fat and energy. One drawback though is that nuking can make the food dry, thereby reducing the flavor. This can be easily remedied by brushing a layer of oil or placing a moist paper towel over the food.
Three Attributes of Microwave Cooking
Timing is undoubtedly a vital attribute in microwave cooking, and there are some who term it a tricky attribute it too. That’s because timing is a difficult skill to master; you’re sure to ruin many dishes before getting a grip on the right time duration for various dishes. Setting the clock above or below the necessary duration can result in over-cooked or under-cooked food – both not ideal for good health.
• Time duration varies with the quantity of food. If you are doubling the volume, increase the cooking time by half, and when cutting the volume by half, decrease the duration of time by

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