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  • Brownie Research Paper

    Moving into a college dorm means sacrificing some basic kitchen or cooking essentials such as a stove, and huge refrigerator. That is when microwaves and mini fridges will save your life. Often it is thought that microwaves are for heating meals like breakfast, lunches, and dinners. Finally, someone has come up with a way to make desserts in the microwave. It is a quick and delicious dessert for those sweet taste buds that need to be activated for those staying up late last minute assignments.…

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  • Fruit Peels Essay

    higher. The moisture content of the material was very high during the initial phase of the drying. Concerning the effect of drying methods on drying rate, Electric Oven Microwave…

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  • Remote Sensinging Theory In Lake Nasser

    electromagnetic spectrum, (Tantirimudalige, 2002) 2.2.3. Types of remote sensing Remote sensing can be classified according to either energy source or sensor type into passive or active systems. Active systems have their own source of energy such as microwaves (radar), whereas the passive systems depend upon external source of illumination, such as sun or self-emission of the observed object. Also remote can be classified according to the wavelengths into three categories as follows: 1- Visible…

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  • Spacer Lab Report

    (+)-sodium-L-ascorbate, in a mixture of 10% H2O in DMF, 24 mL/mmol spacer. The mixture was placed in the microwave for 30 minutes at 80oC Pro6 Spacer (10) (30 mg, 0.036 mmol) and 18 (36 mg, 0.087 mmol) were dissolved in 778 µL DMF. Copper sulfate (1.62 mg, 0.006 mmol) and sodium-L- ascorbate (2.57 mg, 0.013 mmol) were dissolved in 86 µL H2O. The two solutions were combined in a microwave tube and put in the microwave for 30 minutes at 80oC. The solvent was evaporated under reduced pressure. The…

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  • Esterification Of Benzoic Acid

    Microwave (MW) assisted Esterification of Benzoic Acid (BA) offers the advantage of transformation of energy and heating throughout the volume efficiently in a shorter period and eliminates the use of excess solvent, during the course of reaction. The present study aims to assess the conversion and selectivity for the production of methyl benzoate compounds by esterification of benzoic acid using microwave irradiation. Effects of operating parameters such as reaction time, feed composition,…

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  • Mistakes Made In In Praise Of Careful Science

    discover the microwave. Peter Spencer worked at Raytheon and the scientist there discovered the Magnetron through hard work. The Magnetron generated microwaves, microwaves were consisted of two different waves: magnetic and electric. One day while the Magnetron was on, Spencer noticed that the bar of chocolate in his pants had melted. Spencer was the first person to make a connection that the Magnetron could cook food. Spencer mistake of chocolate in his pants gave him the idea of the microwave.…

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  • Breast Cancer Detection Lab Report

    BREAST CANCER DETECTION BY T-SHAPED SLOTTED RECTANGULAR MICROSTRIP PATCH ANTENNA Abstract This Paper shows the great achievement in the breast cancer detection by microwave imaging ,in this paper firstly the T-Shaped Slotted RMPA is designed for ISM band Application at 2.45 GHz and resonated at particular frequency by iterations on the simulation software and very low losses is shown on particular exact frequency is 32.2dB ,after that The Breast Phantom model with cancer tissues and RMPA…

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  • The Effect Of Pretreatments On Compositional Quality Of Oyster Mushrooms

    ostreatus) was cultivated on rice substrate and collected samples were pretreated (steeped or blanched) by different solutions (0.1% sodium metabisulfite and 0.1 and 0.5% citric acid) and dried using oven at 50°C and 60°C, sun-drying at 30-35°C and microwave drying at 2.45 GHz until reached to constant weight. Rehydration ratio and browning index (color) of the dried oyster mushroom samples were the most effective parameter for judging and selecting the pretreatment and the drying…

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  • Mini Case Study Of The Mini Project Of Semester One

    Problem Statement : We use the boiled water in our daily life but which of the home use heat generating appliances that we used to boil water is the most efficiency? Introduction : Different heat generating appliances, such as electric kettle, microwave, electric thermos flask, convection oven and slow cooker have difference efficiency of appliances. Home use heat generating appliances look pretty much the same on the outside, but they vary greatly in terms of energy-efficiency and operating…

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  • Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni Leaf Case Study

    The changing in total energy refers to the fact that biochemical and physiological changes occurred during the time of different drying methods. The total energy of microwave drying was significantly higher than its counterpart sun and oven drying. It was also found that microwave drying resulted in higher amount of tannins than the sun drying whereas, oven drying exhibited the lowest value. There is no significant difference between the three drying methods for tannins…

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